Universities in Perth, Australia for International Students

Universities in Perth, Australia

The educational institutions in Australia which admit international students serve as a passage to quality and a host of options. Out of all such educational cities, Perth Australia is one of the most favourable destinations for all prospective scholars who are in search of a good education and remarkable experience. Bearing some great establishments and vibrant cultural life, Perth opens the doors for students from different countries to get the best experience of their lives.

Why Study in Perth, Australia?

This section presents some of the reasons or factors why it is interesting to study in Perth, Australia for international students who are aspiring for quality education as well as fun-filled experiences.

  1. Globally Accepted Programs: The universities in Perth maintain high standards of education and provide yet recognized programs of study. From mathematics, science, and technology to liberal arts and vocational training, the learners can expand their knowledge and skills within an academic framework and transition to career-oriented objectives.
  2. Career Opportunities: Having a job after completing your education is a major concern for most students who study in other countries. Thus, Perth can be considered a city with a strong economy that offers many jobs, both full-time and part-time employment. With a high employment rate and high car earnings potential, students can ensure the success of an effective training program.
  3. Lifestyle & Culture: In addition to educational exploration, Perth has a very dynamic and cultural lifestyle with beautiful sceneries as well. Affordable and appealing in equal measures, students can explore a range of activities from contemporary art scenes to great local food. The openness of the city, as well as the beautiful scenery, is good for living and studying as well.
  4. Powerful Economy: Enriched with the steadily developing economy of Western Australia, Perth is a professional’s paradise. Through the various industrial sectors and attractive employment opportunities, students can strategically apply their education to pursue gainful occupations.
  5. Safe and Welcoming Environment: Over the years Perth has been labelled one of the safest cities in the world and one of the most quality living cities in the world hence why it is favourable for international students. Fewer crime incidences, diverse peoples, and a healthy culture of togetherness make Perth an ideal environment to foster the learning abilities of all the students.
  6. Employment Opportunities: These industries have a healthy demand for workforce thus providing a good opportunity for international students to have internship and job experience during their course of studies and as well as after their studies. Whether you need a part-time job to supplement your tuition or are searching for the starting point of your professional journey in a strong and continuing development in the sector in Perth there are variety of options to consider.

Universities in Perth, Australia

Perth is home to several esteemed universities that cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of international students. Here are five notable institutions:

University Type Programs Approximate Fee Intakes
Alphacrucis University College Private University Business, Education, Ministry, Counseling, Leadership, Music & Media, Social Science, Theology, and more. AUD 30,000 – 60,000 February & July
Curtin University Public Research University Social Work, Engineering, Occupational Therapy, Information & Technology Nutrition & Health, Culture, Architecture, Education, and Society AUD 25,000 – 30,000 February, March, July & August
Edith Cowan University Public University Nursing, Performing Arts, Petroleum Engineering, Education AUD 32,000 – 40,000 February, June, & October
Southern Cross University Public University Health, Environmental Science, Education, Tourism and Hospitality, Business AUD 34,880 – 40,400 February, June, & October
Engineering Institute of Technology Private University Engineering, Engineering Technology, Engineering Management, Engineering Practice AUD 30,000 – 60,000 February, May, & October
  1. Alphacrucis University College: Alphacrucis University College is a Christian college with majors in diverse areas that offer both undergraduate and postgraduate level education. Being a university that focuses on educational research, ministry, and music, the university’s purpose is to nurture talented young individuals into strong individuals in special fields of practice.
  2. Curtin University: Accompanied by well equipped and advanced technological and infrastructural facilities, Curtin University is among the premier institutions of learning in Perth. Thus, the multicultural memberships and the spirited social networks of the university provide many opportunities for academic success and individual growth for the students.
  3. Edith Cowan University: Edith Cowan University offers more than 400 courses and subjects, aiming at various fields of study and preparing students for successful academic endeavours. This is an indicator of having extensive and intensive practice in research as well as community service that fosters a conducive learning environment.
  4. Southern Cross University: Being a progressive university for effective, practical, and sustainable learning, the university equips students to tackle modern challenges. The simulation and real-life collaborations with various industries expose the learners to workplace environments in their vouched careers.
  5. Engineering Institute of Technology: Being a part of Curtin University, the Engineering Institute of Technology offers a great number of courses related to engineering education and training, which is important in order to meet the demands of the increasing market. Hence being an institute that values training and skill and technique, the students are well-prepared for professional engineering jobs.


In conclusion, Perth, Australia is a perfect place for international students who are eager to get qualitative education and self-development. A global city with a well-developed university system, a strong economy, and a rich cultural life, Perth creates a perfect environment for students to achieve their academic and career goals. If you are interested in stem courses, postgraduate studies, or undergraduate intake, Perth’s universities are loaded with opportunities for the actualization of your academic dreams.


1. What factors should a student consider when choosing a university in Perth?

These are; the reputation of the University, courses of study, facilities available in the University, geographic location and other co-curricular activities/ promotions.

2. What must I do if I want to pursue my college education at a university in Perth?

Some of the documents may include an application form, academic records of the applicant, results of the English placement test if necessary, two letters of recommendation, and a statement about the applicant and his/her ability to finance his/her education in Perth. Each university may use its own criteria for admission and admission procedures; thus, the applicant must refer to the guidelines of the particular university he/she is applying for.

3. Can I apply for scholarships to study in Perth, Australia?

Yes, there are universities in Perth that offer scholarships to international students whether it is academic, financial or any other type of scholarship. Other scholarships are open scholarships from the government, private organizations, and other foundations. Prospective students should therefore search for scholarships that are relevant to them and they should always ensure that they read the guidelines and the time limits on the scholarship properly.

4. What are the various categories of the facility?

The available accommodation for students in Perth are hostels, university residential colleges, homestays, private hostels as well as apartments. University owned and managed accommodation is often affordable and within easy reach of the university facilities and services as compared to private accommodation in that it provides the client with a number of choices.

5. What does it cost an average student to study in Perth, Australia?

The cost factors considered by international students are the cost of tuition fees, accommodation, feeding costs and all other miscellaneous costs. International students should also prepare to spend between AUD 25000 and AUD 40000 per year on tuition, accommodations, and other living expenses. In this regard, the areas where money is spendable when studying in Perth should be estimated to keep low expenses while preparing a budget in advance.

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