Study in Sweden as in recent times has attracted a strong response from students planning their higher studies in abroad. Higher education in Sweden is among the top-ranking and the best in the world. If you are worried about the language requirements for studying in Sweden then there is an abundance of degrees in Sweden, taught in the English language as it is kind of a second language of the country. There are almost unlimited course options for Indian students. There are also some of the best universities in Sweden with their unique teaching concept of “freedom with responsibility”. A minimum academic record of 60% and above in Standard XII will be required for each course. Though entry-level requirements are lower at Swedish universities, the standards of education are high so, you need to decide beforehand whether you are capable to cope up with the high standard of education through the course or not. Again, talking about the higher education in Sweden for international students then it is among the best in the world.

Cost of Studying in Sweden

If you have a passport from a country of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you are eligible to study in Sweden for free but this is a rare case. The cost of studying and living depends heavily on what part of Sweden you will be living in. On average, the tuition fee will vary according to the school or universities, the course, and the city your universities/school is located in. The cost of studying at a university in Sweden is considerably lower compared to other countries. Basically living expenses in Sweden for international students are above the European average. Universities are the best option to reduce the accommodation cost in Sweden. It will also become easy for you to make friends and find people with similar interests.

Scholarship to study in Sweden

Swedish scholarship, easy Sweden study visa processing, top-class Universities coupled with higher quality education makes it most profitable to study in Sweden. Sweden universities provide a variety of different scholarship programs for international students. For a Swedish scholarship, you must be a citizen of a country that is eligible for the scholarship program. All these scholarships for international students will help them to compensate for both tuition fees and living costs.

Students Visa to study in Sweden

Before applying for the Sweden study visa, it must be confirmed that the university study program you applied to must be full-time. You must have a written confirmation that you have been admitted. There are two different types of Visa you can apply for when planning to go to Sweden. A Schengen Visa is for a person intending to travel to Sweden for recreational purposes and this visa is valid for only 3 months. The Residence Permit visa are long-stay visas and can be applied if you are planning to study in Sweden. This takes some time to process and the final decision is taken by the Swedish Migration Authority in Sweden and not the Embassy.

Study and work in Sweden

Sweden’s education system for international students is known for its quality and openness. If students wish to earn while they learn, a study in Sweden gives them opportunities to add to the lure of that extra pocket money by part-time work while you study. Sweden grants permission to international students the right to work while they study. The Swedish law allows all international students to work for an unlimited number of hours along with their studies. There is no limit on the number of hours you can work compared to other countries. All employed students are supposed to manage their studies and follow a work schedule that will not interfere with their studies. In other words, international students working rights in Sweden give you more liberty compared to other countries. If you’re from outside of the EU/EAA you can apply with the migration board to stay in Sweden for six months after graduation to search for work.