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If you’re looking to go to Australia, you’ve made a great choice! According to Business Insider, Australia is the fifth-best country to live in comfortably. And according to the United Nations, it is the second-best country to live and work in. The best way to get an Australian PR as a student is by choosing professions listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) by the Government.
You can find the list here given by Immigrations Australia

Top courses to get an Australian PR

  • Accountancy
  • Engineering
  • Nursing and midwifery courses
  • Computer and information technology (IT)
  • Education and teaching
  • Social work
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Trade qualifications
  • Dentistry
  • Hospitality
  • Painting and decoration
  • Building and construction
  • Plumbing and electricians
  • Psychology

1.   Accountancy

Accountants are in high priority under the skilled immigration list in Australia. Accountants are in high demand in the country. With a shortage of skilled professionals, Australia is worried about the effects it might have on businesses and the economy in general. Because of this, Australia is on the lookout for those in the accounts department. If you are an accountant, then good news, Australia would be more than happy to welcome you!

2.   Engineering

If you are an engineer, Australia is your wonderland. This country has lots of opportunities in the wide open for engineers. Currently facing a shortage of engineers, any skilled professionals wanting to work there is a delight for them. If you are a civil engineer, you’ll delight them even more!

3.   Nursing and midwifery

According to, it is expected that the demand for nurses will out win the supply by a huge margin. This means that there is an expected shortage in the nursing department of healthcare in the country. The shortfall is approximately 85,000 nurses by 2020 and 1,23,000 by 2030 under the present scenario. Nurses, Australia is screaming for help. This is your chance to reach out!

4. Computer and information technology (IT)

Amongst the jobs in high demand, Information Technologies occupies a significant spot on the list. Australia needs professionals from the computer and IT departments. Especially to fill in these roles: multimedia specialist, developer programmer, software engineer, ICT security specialist, ICT project manager, and computer network professionals. The country is facing a major tech skill shortage. They need you!

5. Education and teaching

A crisis should be the right word to describe the shortage of teachers in the island nation of Australia. It is widely reported that math and science teachers in secondary school are in high demand. Australia is struggling to accommodate the rising student numbers despite a rise in the number of teachers entering the field. Teachers in Australia make between $81,338 to $96,590 per year. If you love the beaches, nature, kangaroos, and teaching, then Australia is for you!

6.   Dentistry

Australians love their clean teeth but hate the shortage of their dear dentists. Dentists are in high demand in Australia, especially in the rural and remote areas, and in other places outside Queensland and New South Wales. The comfortable payment and luxurious lifestyle that dentists enjoy in this country are turning all heads. Head over there quick!

7.   Plumbing and Electricians

Apart from the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, all other places in Australia including the rural areas are witnessing rapid urbanization. With more and more people opting for home-schooling and work from home, the demand for plumbers and electricians is shooting up.

8.   Psychology

With increased awareness and de-stigmatization of mental health, more and more people all over the world are open to getting treatment. And Australia is no different. There is a demand for psychologists in Australia. Entry-level professionals earn around $100,918 per year while experienced professionals take away around $119,267 per annum.

International students who have finished a course in one of the above occupations have a better chance of obtaining permanent residency in Australia. However, in many situations, the list’s dynamic character makes it impossible for overseas students to select specific courses that will assist them in obtaining Australian PR.
Is your profession listed as one among Australia’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL)? We’re super happy for you! Contact us that is Skylark Overseas Education for more details and we will guide you through your immigration process to Australia. Good luck!

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