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An extremely difficult question, the best countries to study abroad considering the vast majority of benefits that each country has to offer. Here are a few helpful tips for higher studies abroad that would help resolve the confusion.

For a study abroad program, the choice of a country or university should primarily be made as per each individual’s personal and socio-economic background. Every country has its pros and cons as no country in the world would provide 100% benefits to immigrants, but because the majority of Indians have made quite an impact in most countries worldwide, it would be appropriate to select a country based on personal preferences.

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As your trusted overseas education advisors, our #student-centric approach ensures that our students get ethical and unbiased advice and traverse to their overseas study #destinations with minimal effort.  Our discreet experience and expertise in international education assures successful outcomes for every student.

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Navigate your way through a plethora of confusing career options with our academic advise & goal-driven approach. Our Counselors work with students to understand their requirements and professional goals to curate the best fit options.

Meet the admission requirements of your dream institutions by preparing for your entrance tests (GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, etc) either offline or online using our training resources. Our British Council certified language trainers offer a truly masterclass exam preparation to equip you with the necessary skills to take on the tests.
Apply to your preferred universities using our admission services. We help compile and put together an application that will assure successful outcomes.
Make a smooth transition to your dream destination using our visa and post-visa services. Our student network and connections abroad provide the right mentorship and direction in a foreign destination.

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Our team consists of personnel who provide the best counselling for abroad studies and have had the experience of living, studying and working abroad. We believe our students should have the same advantage and insight that domestic students receive in the college counseling process. Unlike India, there are thousands of colleges and universities in each overseas destination, which can be quite overwhelming for students and their parents.

We provide experienced counseling for students to guide international students through a difficult and complex decision-making process, which will likely impact the rest of their lives. We are selective in our institutional portfolio, which results in better outcomes for our students, including higher visa approval rates and increased scholarship and assistantship opportunities. We try counselling for abroad studies to be the best as we are driven by the principles of NAFSA and always strive to put the ‘student-first’ in all our interactions.

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We selectively partner with a wide variety of overseas institutions, so we can provide a balanced selection of degree programs, campus locations, strong international student support services, internships and post-completion work opportunities, college scholarships and assistantships, as well as varied tuition price points based on the needs of our students. We have assisted thousands of students by counselling for abroad studies, so we are always on the look-out for institutional partners who can provide a ‘truly’ international experience for our students.

We do not limit our students to a small portfolio of colleges and universities. Our students may choose any degree program at any institution of their choice; however, we do require our students to apply to a few of our suggested institutions to ensure admission success as well as to maximize potential scholarships / assistantship opportunities. In addition to comprehensive university application services, we also provide discounted rates from our partner organizations for international students who request assistance with educational loans, test preparation, health insurance, accommodation, forex and air tickets.

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