Why Do Students Need “Early Advising” In Order to Succeed In Their Study Abroad Dream?

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Study abroad process and the role of study abroad advisor in finding you the dream institutions.


Is the study abroad process really tough?

No, not really, if one has the time, motivation, and the patience to research the countries, universities, and courses – the study abroad application process is simple. These things do take time; but for a rising number of DIY (do it yourself) students, this is the way the application process is emerging. Many have realized that they can find what they need through university websites, and make online applications. The internet is full of YouTube videos on ‘how to do it’ strategies.

So, is the role of a study abroad advisor still relevant?

Well, the answer is “yes”. Study abroad advisors not only bring out course options that students tend to miss due to lack of experience, but also counsel students on profile building for a better chance to get into their dream institutions. They keep them informed on new courses introduced, and provide insider news on scholarships that students tend to overlook.
A good number of students do not realize that getting admission is only half the job done. The rest half, i.e., obtaining a student visa – is the most critical aspect of their study abroad dream. This requires careful planning and strategizing, arranging finances being the ‘focal point’. Depending on the destination of choice, an aspiring student and his / her sponsor need to assess their existing financial resources and plan accordingly. This is where the role of a study abroad advisor becomes essential as they stay relevant to the current visa requirements of each country. They can assess the financial capacity of sponsors and advise them carefully on arranging finances as per the visa compliance of the destination country, thus helping the student avoid many of the “pitfalls” in their study abroad journey.
An increasing trend of “Early Advising” is also catching up as a way for students to look for endless and varied professional options that can emerge from a particular subject and course. Thus, the study abroad application process has become simpler with the advent of specialists who hand-hold the student at different stages of their admissions journey.

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