5 Factors That Will Boost Your Chances To Get Into The Best Global Universities

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After the initial days of COVID-19, the top global universities in the world quickly started updating their teaching methods and admission process. As the pandemic has struck so hard on everyone, global universities are at their peak in scouting for the right talents.  The admission process amidst Covid 19 has become more liberal, however, the top-ranked universities in the world like Harvard, Yale, are still expecting factors like perfect academics, excellent student profiles, test scores, and lastly the Letter of Intent.  

Factors That You Can Consider For Boosting Your Chances To Get Into The Best Global Universities

At this time of global uncertainty, you might be wondering whether your application to top Global Universities will be affected. Can you actually sit any tests or tests that are required for your application to be acknowledged? Is your chosen university still accepting international applications?

1. Your test Score is no longer important 

Due to the restraint of resources during COVID-19, many global universities are now eliminating test scores and other admission requirements. Even top institutions like the University of Oxford, California Institute of Technology, University of Illinois, etc. have stopped considering leading tests like the GRE for their Master's programs. Since those qualifying criteria are gone, students must prepare the most qualifying impressive personal statement and also must provide an accurate and promising letter of recommendation, apart from a good academic GPA.  

2. Work On Your Profile To Make It Perfect

 Just like the admission requirements, many global universities are also offering changes for certain documentation and application processes by extending the deadlines for students. If you have the perfect letter of recommendation, work experience certificate, and other outstanding documents well arranged, it gives a major plus to your profile. Students are advised to apply as early as possible because as study abroad experts they state that with the excess of applications that keeps coming in, the university is likely to pay more attention to the initial applications.

3. Research About Your University Can Increase Your Chances To Get Into Best Global Universities

Doing thorough research about the top universities in the world is important and necessary and by making the most out of your time in researching, you get a better chance of getting into your dream university and pursuing your dream course. The best method of gaining benefit is to network with the right university officials using social media platforms like LinkedIn. With the education from university going virtual, professors and other university officials are active more than ever on social media platforms. Official college sites provide blogs and detailed information about course modules, student life, course intake. They also provide virtual tours that give students a better insight into the university's culture, extracurricular activities, and method of teaching and learning. Students who wish to get better clarity can take a step forward and contact the student counsellors directly at the university for any inquiries.  

4. Adjust to the flexible study options

It is important to indicate your ability to adapt to the new changes that universities are experiencing.  Global universities have made alterations in their curriculums to help students adapt to the new normal. While many would hesitate to apply for these altered curriculums, other students have the chance to take advantage of these unique changes and demonstrate their ability to be flexible. It is a golden opportunity for all students to take this up as a challenge and work on their flexibility skills.  

5. Develop Your Technical Skills Required By Global Universities 

In most of the countries, only 20-30% of companies have their employees coming into the offices. Most of the industries have gone digital and the employees are working from home. This indicates that those who showcase their ability in several digital skills would eventually have an advantage over the other applicants. Apart from these skills, more than 73% of university admissions administrators have said they look for proof of a students’ ability to work well in groups. Soft skills, as well as the Higher Education terrain, may be changing, but students must step ahead of the game and enhance their chances of admission.
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