Will The COVID-19 Affect My Study Abroad Plan In 2021?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon many undesirable changes in the way people live their lives and their plans for the future. With several countries still struggling to contain the spread and allow air travel, a lot of soon-to-be international students were left with no choice but to defer their study plans. Universities across the world had to make big changes to how they operate with many choosing to close early and changing the way they teach. It is impossible to predict how the upcoming new year will look like. If you are thinking about studying abroad, it would be wise to start planning study abroad plan.
It does not come as a surprise that international students are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the effect of higher education abroad. As of 2019, over 8 lakh Indian students had enrolled in different universities globally. Global higher education is currently facing unprecedented challenges because of the pandemic, which has caused students to change their plans of higher studies, be it at undergraduate, postgraduate, or research level. You should not be sad if your 2021 study abroad plan were not successful. One of the toughest parts of this pandemic is to understand how a student can address their international studies challenges. In this study abroad 2021 guide, we will discuss some of the implications of COVID-19 and ways that can help you plan better and make your life easier.

Would I be able to study abroad?

A lot of universities are accepting applications of students from abroad. However, the restrictions in the country you want to study in, and your home country will decide whether you can study abroad. Each university has its own set of procedures, so if you already know where would you like to study it will be wise to check these factors. With challenges arising almost everywhere, it might get a little difficult to study abroad for international students. However, many universities are actively seeking study abroad students for enrollment and will provide you with alternatives if you can’t travel when the term starts.

How will my COVID-19 affect my application?

The pandemic has resulted in the closure of several educational institutes in many countries leading to the cancellation of final exams. This has delayed the results of many individuals. If you have any face-to-face interview to attend, it is likely to get cancelled but be prepared for an online interview as institutes are considering virtual interviews wherever possible. Another punch in the face is the low staffing in several institutes. This would affect the way applications used to be reviewed and could lead to a change in the deadline or the requirements.
Well, now that you have some idea regarding the changes to expect and the possibilities of your 2021 study abroad plan. Let’s discuss some of the ways that you can plan out for your future without getting overwhelmed.

Think about your study choices

The pandemic is a disrupt or, but also provides a lot of opportunities for you to decide better for yourself what you want to do in your career. If you are someone who wishes to learn essential and relevant skills, then this time could be the best for you to research more and come up with viable options for yourself. Healthcare, medicine, supply chain and logistics, IT, digital industries and various manufacturing industries are experiencing a high demand than other industries in the business. You can consider this demand to continue for quite some time in the future. Think about your learning now because if you want to study abroad education should be paramount to you.

Invest in technology and learn online

The biggest change observed in the new normal is the way learning, work and personal activities have shifted to online. This trend is likely to continue in the future, especially with the world’s largest corporations permitting employees to work from home until 2022, if not longer. There is a good chance some of you will be studying virtually and attending your classes from home. Even though you will get to study from the comfort of your couch, you will need gadgets for your studies. Check out the study abroad resources you will need for your studies. Put aside some money and get a decent computer that does the job for you. Also, invest in learning about different technologies. This will put you ahead of the race when your formal studies begin and you become a student abroad.

Take care of your mental health

It is an undesirable situation for most of us. Seeing your plans of going abroad for study fail can add to the existing emotional baggage. Constant stress of your education and career can take a toll on your mental health. While it’s paramount to take care of your mental health in these trying times, practicing mindfulness will help you when your university starts and help you cope with the college stress. Schedule a free counselling session with one of our international education experts.

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