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Finding a university and a course that you love is usually the first step towards exploring your educational adventure. While many choose to pursue their studies in the homeland, a lot of people set out to grow their career by finding the best places to study abroad. While the educational journey may be enthralling, finding a place you’d love to go can be confusing. To help you with this problem, we have analyzed the best countries to study and prepared a list of the best student cities in the world. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best cities for education in the world to help you overcome the dilemma of which place is best suited for you.


London clenches one of the top cities to study abroad. The city provides great education with a great experience for students. Not just for nerds, London is also a cool place (no pun intended) for art lovers. Studying in London comes with an abundance of studying options and an affluent lifestyle. This affluence comes with a cost, though. So be prepared to shell out some money if you want to enjoy your extravagant stay in London.


Tokyo has been consistent in getting a top spot in the QS Rankings. Endeavoring to offer the highest quality education in the world is one of the USP’s of the place. It is a safe place and people are genuinely welcoming. With unrivaled transportation, you will not find it hard to commute from one place to another. The food is not only delicious with a dash of seafood in most of the dishes, but it’s also pretty cheap.


Melbourne is Australia’s best student city. With world-class universities, research facilities, great student support, and huge employment opportunities, Melbourne is one of the top cities to study abroad. The city may not be the capital city of Australia but is known as the sporting, food, and cultural capital of the country. Bonus: if you are addicted to coffee, then this place is heaven for you.


The capital city of France is a shelter for both intellectuals and artists. Being a student in Paris allows you to enjoy the city like a local by providing student discounts at certain places. Boasting of world-famous cuisines, Paris soothes the soul with its beautiful atmosphere too. No doubt the city of love is expensive, but one doesn’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy the place.


With world-class learning institutions, Montreal has an excellent reputation with over 200,000 students and a large pool of researchers. Due to its welcoming culture, Montreal is one of the best cities for international students. The city provides a safe environment and a promising job market. Despite all the fun, Montreal stands out for its low cost of living, making it an affordable place for the students.


If you are looking for an affordable lifestyle, then Germany could be the best country to study abroad for Indian students. You can choose from hundreds of bachelors and masters programs available to study, and might even get free education at universities in Berlin. The capital city of Germany provides a great standard of living at a low cost, making it an attractive place for the students. The city is vibrant, adventurous, and rich in culture.


Being a booming global city, Munich is an important driving force of education. Studying at the business hub of Germany has its own set of perks: The strong focus on economics and the number of organizations across different industries opens plenty of doors to career advancements. The city is not limited to just the Oktoberfest, white sausages and barrels of beer, it’s a place that people across the world call home.


Zurich is one of the most beautiful and poshest cities in Switzerland. Known for its world-class education, Zurich provides the best education and academics one can ask for. Being the largest city in Switzerland, one gets to enjoy the breath-taking views of mountains, lakes and nature at its best. If you like being organized and want to study on a beautiful campus, then this is one of the best cities to study abroad.


The Australian government strictly supervises the courses offered in the country. This makes them pretty high-standard. Most of the Australian degrees are recognized worldwide, making it an attractive spot for students. At Sydney, students get to enjoy high-quality life while studying and working simultaneously. With perks like flexible working hours, high paying salaries, and professional development courses, Sydney offers a lot of employment opportunities to international students.


If you want to reap the benefits of high-quality education and standard of living while enriching your cultural experience, Seoul could be the best place to study abroad for Indian students. The South Korean capital provides great career opportunities and super-fast internet. Seoul has an extremely safe environment for people. The city provides with a variety of delicious food options to pick from as Koreans pay extra attention to their food.

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