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Many students aspire to go abroad to study and pursue quality education for this one simple reason, it opens doors to global opportunities and a successful career. The COVID-19 pandemic did affect the whole world and hampered the students' plans to travel abroad to study, but it made international education more accessible to several on the other side. Institutions worldwide have adapted and blended with the benefits of both online and on-campus learning. This is often a wonderful development as these institutions are now more approachable, providing students with increased opportunities to pursue their dreams. Accessibility to global education has given rise to increased competition in destinations like Canada and also the USA. Since most of the students haven't been ready to travel within the last year, there'll be a surge in demand for international students as and when things go back to normal. It's important to stay ahead of your goal so you can contribute to meeting that need rather than planning for it. To accomplish so, students must pay close attention to current study abroad trends as well as upcoming occupations that are likely to be chosen in the near future.

Courses and job sectors

Courses like AI, Big Data, Cyber security, streams like environmental science (especially in renewable energies) are likely to become popular. Also, considering the present scope of healthcare infrastructure globally, Biotechnology, Health Informatics, Pharmacy, Equipment Manufacturing, Healthcare Administration will expand rapidly within the next few years, leading to an increase in direct and indirect jobs in that sector. Undoubtedly there'll be more demand for international talent once the pandemic has settled, and it'll carry on rising in top destinations just like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. Because especially for Canada, its economic process highly depends on the young talent. Thus, within the years to come, this demand will only increase as new international talent has not been able to visit Canada due to the pandemic. When we explore the USA, its friendlier policies will entice more students to apply and enroll in the universities. with all these welcoming signs from across the world, it's safe to expect endless growth in the demand for international talent. With all of these encouraging indicators from around the world, it's safe to assume that the need for international talent will continue to rise.

Institutions are ready to welcome students

Institutions do everything they will to support students and appear to have things under control. Many institutions are offering airport pickup, self-quarantine facility, discount on flight tickets, food etc. Students have started their classes online, wherein students have the flexibility to attend either the live or recorded classes as per their choice. Once the limitations are gone and all safety steps have been taken, all institutions are ready to welcome students on campus. Thus, although everything becomes favorable in future, we understand that you may still feel confused about study abroad trends.  Students can now seek professional guidance if they can not decide whether to apply or not. Schedule a free counselling session with one of our international education experts.
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