5 Reasons Why Your Scholarship Application was Rejected

Myths and Concerns

Studying abroad is a dream every student wants to pursue. But unfortunately, this dream doesn’t come low in cost, and studying abroad requires a huge investment. By getting a scholarship for foreign education, you can cut down your fee and it is the best option. Why do scholarship applications keep being rejected? This is a common question. In this article, we’ll share some of the most common mistakes students make with their scholarship applications.

5 Reasons Why You Are Facing Scholarship Application Rejection


1) You may not be eligible for a scholarship

There are so many available scholarships to study abroad and each of them has very specific requirements. Many scholarships expect that you maintain a certain grade to continue receiving their scholarship. It is always best if students approach an education agency as they are given proper guidance and solutions. Failing to meet the academic standards for your scholarship Is a way to lose a chance in acquiring a scholarship. With this in mind, it is recommended that students achieve and maintain a 7 out of 10 academic GPA.

2) Wrong Spelling and Wrong Grammar

Wrong spelling and wrong grammar presentation is another reason for scholarship rejection. Your scholarship application could be rejected without your knowledge. Some of them might put your scholarship application on the rejected file if it has just one spelling error. You must proofread everything and ensure that your grammar is properly placed in the appropriate places. This shows that your language skills are excellent.

3) Applying late for the scholarship

Every education abroad scholarship includes certain deadlines for students to submit their applications. Waiting till the last minute to apply for a scholarship might increase the chance of rejection. Some students who try to apply on their own tend to miss the updates of scholarship deadlines. Reaching out to an educational consultancy is the best option because the counselors make sure that they follow up with the students and also notify them before most of the deadlines.

4) Writing an unconvincing personal statement.

There is a reason why universities request a personal statement from students. The reason is that they want to ascertain why you’re choosing this career path, your motivation behind choosing this, and how it correlates with your ambition. For instance, if your course is about development, they want to know how you’ll achieve progress in society once you achieve your goal. Usage of phrases where you mention that ‘i am poor’ ‘my family isn’t wealthy enough does not influence the scholarship committee. After all, every student needs help which is why everybody goes through the hassle to apply.

5) Not meeting the language requirements.

One of the major reasons for scholarship rejection is when the students don’t meet the language requirements criteria. Students who do not speak English as a first language are normally required to submit the results of a language competence test. Students must attend TOFEL, IELTS, and so on to meet these requirements. If the language of instruction is English, they expect you to be fluent and qualify them.
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