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Benefits of Study Abroad
The major concern for any student who aspires to study abroad is the availability of Scholarship to Study Abroad. The amount of information out there when it comes to financial aid is numerous and it can lead to confusion and frustration. Just imagining the process of opting for study abroad can be cumbersome and with the burden of financing it, many just opt out of studying abroad, and their dreams crash. It is important to break some of the myths of availing of scholarships and below we will guide you with that and help you in identifying and choosing the right way to apply for a scholarship to study abroad. We at Skylark Overseas Education would like to break the myth that studying abroad is an expensive affair and help you in forgoing the worry that money can bring the quality experience of studying abroad down. Going abroad itself can be a daunting task as there is too much one needs to prepare for. It is essential to be smart with the money that you spend while going abroad and scholarships are one way of bringing this burden down. Studying either Under-graduation or the Post-Graduation and Masters in Top Universities of Foreign countries makes it difficult for a lot for International students due to various expenses associated with it. However, there are a lot of funding agencies, Governments, and Universities that offer Scholarship to Study Abroad and subsidies to ease the financial burden.

                                        Scholarship to Study Abroad

What does scholarship stand for Scholarship to Study Abroad:

In broader terms, scholarship is the amount paid by the College or the University to a person with great potential or academic background. Scholarships can be availed for extraordinary co-curricular or achievements based on the rules and regulations of the applied University. Scholarships are granted to let go of the major worry of paying the tuition fee. Money can sometimes sound intimidating for many of the students. Some may not be able to afford to study abroad if the living costs are too high and the college fee is through the roof. Hence it is a per-requisite in certain instances to get the benefit of the scholarship.

Difference between fellowship and scholarship:

Depending on the grant-giving organization, both fellowship and scholarship can be used interchangeably. It all depends on the entity that funds on how they categorize the same. Scholarships sometimes tend to be need-based unlike many of the fellowships given. While scholarships are undergraduate level funds given to the students for the purpose of studying, fellowships are chosen and given to those who excel in their field of study as they complete their Master’s and Ph.Ds.’. While scholarships are semester-based, fellowships are time-based which can be weeks, months, or even years.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship to Study Abroad:

There are several factors that decide the eligibility criteria for Scholarship to Study Abroad.
  • The first and foremost is to check if the person is in need of a scholarship based on his / her financial capacity.
  • The second is the academic background of the student. If the student has excellent academic background then the chances of availing of the scholarship become easier
  • Some colleges offer scholarships to those who have excellent achievements in non-academic fields such as sports or in the field of arts
  • There are certain colleges that also offer scholarships based on the country for example scholarships for Indian students based on the country that they are from. Hence it becomes essential to check the websites of the Universities and research thoroughly to see if such an opportunity exists.
  • It is important to check with your local government authorities and see if any scheme-based scholarships for which you are eligible are available in order for you to study abroad.
  • Many colleges also offer scholarships if your parent is an alumnus of the said college. Do make sure you check if such a feature is available.

Types of Scholarship to Study Abroad:

  • Scholarships from University
Different colleges offer different types of scholarships based on one's needs and availability. It is extremely crucial to check and research from the University’s websites.
  • Scholarships from Government
The government will have different kinds of scholarships based on financial needs. This can be checked on official government websites.
  • Scholarships from Charity Organizations
There are charity organizations that assist you with scholarships if you are part of it, make sure to check with them at your local community level.


We understand that studying abroad can be a challenging affair. With the information out there and people around you ready to give you innumerable advices, it sometimes can be overwhelming. After recognizing this, we at Skylark Overseas Education, realize that providing information about Scholarship to Study Abroad is extremely crucial in your endeavour to pursue studying abroad. While general advice helps in identifying relevant information, it is crucial to gain specific advice as well. Our expert counselors will provide you with all the relevant information that is specific to the requirements of the students in a structured manner completely. We would wish for everyone to achieve their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study abroad by not gaining the benefit of scholarships.
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