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Architecture is the artwork of constructing buildings and designing buildings and other structures. It’s a famous subject that mixes elements of art and science. Despite its reputation as a vocational topic, studying architecture overseas can lead to a variety of exciting professional prospects. This article will help in finding the Best Country for Studying Architecture.
You can select many excellent architecture programs to study overseas at all degree levels, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. By selecting the best country for studying architecture, it can be an excellent way to experience various architectural styles and see how different cultures interact with their architecture.
By choosing to study architecture in colleges abroad, students can engage with architecture every day ranging from 18th-century buildings or a new modern glass tower. Until you seize the opportunity to study abroad, you may not realise how much influence each country’s architecture has on students. From historic castles to gothic cathedrals, modern museums to skyscrapers, structures from around the world have a tale to tell. If you adore new locations and design, by choosing the best country for studying architecture, you’ll get to come across architecture and new designs in some of these countries:

1. China

When you study abroad in China, you will experience historical Chinese architecture, which has developed over many centuries and can be seen all through East Asia. For the ones who wish to explore more modern architecture, Shanghai is the region to be. Do not miss out on a visit to The Bund, the waterfront area along the Huangpu River, where you may find a number of the city’s most well-known architectural achievements. Other must-see structures consist of the Nanpu Bridge, Jin Mao Tower, and Oriental Pearl Tower. These structures are cutting-edge for China’s modernist architectural community. When you study abroad in Shanghai, the attractions and sounds of this bustling city can be a part of your classroom abroad.

2. United kingdom

The United Kingdom is home to beautiful architecture and buildings, including the Clyde Auditorium, the Sage Centre, the Royal Liver Building, national cathedrals, and many other marvelous structures. It is, therefore, no surprise that students want to study for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Architecture in the UK. Students experience the best opportunity.  Students get the opportunity to live and learn in one of the most celebrated countries. When you study architecture in colleges abroad, especially in England, there’s architecture everywhere, From historic structures to modern marvels like The Gherkin, England has it all.

3. France

France is presently the 4th most popular study destination in the world. Since France is meant for its architecture, the course plays a huge scope. France has an enormous mix of different architectural styles. France has a lot of beautiful modern and historic buildings like Sacré Coeur, L’Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile, Centre Pompidou and Foundation Louis Vuitton. The Palace’s and castles stand out in France. It’s a great experience for students to explore the city of lights and love while being able to pass by some of the best architecture.

4. Germany

Germany has a way of making students fall in love with their country and architecture. Students get to witness the country’s detailed history, German architecture with multiple styles, including Romanesque, Carolingian, Classical, Renaissance, Modern, Baroque and Postmodern. Freiburg is a city that’s well known for the advancement and development of eco-friendly technologies and architecture. By studying in Berlin, you are surrounded by the works done by some of the famous and greatest architects like  David Chipperfield, Richard Rogers, Libeskind, Rem Koolhaas.

5. Spain

By deciding to study for a bachelor or masters in architecture abroad, especially in a country like Spain, students get to visit a vibrant mix of UNESCO world heritage sites which includes- the Alhambra in Granada, the works of Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, the historic center of Córdoba, the Camino de Santiago and a wide variety of architectural styles that includes, Spanish Colonial, Spanish Baroque, Modernism, and many more. Whether you select to study abroad in Barcelona or Madrid or opt for more of a university town like Salamanca or Granada, there’s architecture everywhere you go. Students are encouraged to take their passion for architecture to new heights by visiting Spain!

6.The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a leading place to study abroad in the Netherlands and it offers students a place to experience a bike-friendly culture, history, and great architecture. You can explore the canals that weave throughout the city, explore the Rijksmuseum and enjoy the diverse culture and historic neighborhoods. You get the opportunity to visit places outside of Amsterdam, such as Rotterdam city. The city was extensively rebuilt after WWII, and it is currently noted for its modern architecture. While having so much to explore, you wouldn’t want to miss the unique opportunity to study abroad in the Netherlands.
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