Best Countries To Study Abroad In 2021 With COVID-19 Protocols

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After facing the tough times in 2020 and the ongoing struggle due to COVID-19, many students are planning to go overseas to pursue their higher education. The desire to travel is so strong that many are considering an opportunity to study abroad. However, borders are still closed and you must be wondering what could be the ideal countries to study in. It is important to find a program in one of the best countries for international students that are not only open for students but also provide you with valuable skills, an opportunity to immerse yourself into the local culture, and where you can stay on track for your degree program. In this article, we will discuss some of the best countries to study abroad and their COVID-19 protocols to help you understand what works best for you.


Australia is undoubtedly among the best countries for students. Students who admire wildlife and unique setting experiences love studying in Australia. You can find all kinds of study abroad programs in Australia for almost every course of study. Find classes to fit your STEM track on the traditional, research-based campuses of various universities in Australia. Australia gives you prime entrance to beautiful, white sand, blue ocean beaches you can imagine only on postcards making it one of the most beautiful study abroad destinations. Whether you opt to study abroad for a long period or for a shorter duration, expect plenty of beach time in your future. Australia is ranked amongst the best countries to study abroad for international students. Although Australia has put a temporary halt on the flights from India, the Australian Government supports the return of international students to Australia. This means Indians too can expect to study in Australia very soon.


There are several reasons to study in Japan. One of them is the cultural experience. Japan has held firmly to the East Asian culture but the country also has a strong influence of Western and American culture. On top of that, you get to experience a truly unique Japanese culture that doesn’t resemble anything else. Japan has highly educated and skilled citizens in the world. This is one of the main factors for the country’s post-war economic takeoff and extremely rapid growth. Japan could be the best country for education for Indian students if someone is into culture, growth and education. The country is ambitious to make education international to attract foreign talents and deal with the declining domestic workforce making Japan the best countries to study for international students. International students are required to undertake daily temperature checks for 14 days prior to their departure due to COVID-19. To ensure they are not subject to the COVID-19 restrictions, students must get a certificate of pre-entry test results no later than 72 hours before their departure. Once the students arrive, they need to follow the local COVID-19 protocols such as home quarantine for a certain period.

New Zealand

New Zealand attracts like a magnet with its awe-inspiring nature and different bustling cities. In a country with astonishing natural scenery, you can wander about to experience thrilling adventures including paragliding, bungee-jumping, and even glacier hiking as part of your studies. In New Zealand, you can experience all four seasons in a single day making it one of the best study abroad locations. You might be surprised to know that there are only eight universities in the entire country. However, you need to study at only one and if you’re considering going abroad, this is one the best countries for Indian students. If you are a BBQ fan, then you will love the Kiwi cuisine. Studying in New Zealand will also save your money when compared with places like London. However, it does get expensive in the cities no matter what part of the world. Because of COVID-19, entire New Zealand is at alert level 1 and it is a legal requirement to wear face coverings everywhere in New Zealand, including bus, trains, ferries and air travel. International students in New Zealand are eligible for free, public healthcare if they think they have COVID-19. The New Zealand government has announced a 'very high-risk country' category to reduce the number of people with COVID-19 flying to New Zealand. This category includes countries such as India, Brazil and Pakistan.


England has some of the world-renowned academic institutions such as Cambridge and Oxford making it the best country for abroad study. International students at the universities of England are often exposed to lectures and topics that they wouldn’t find at home, and expectations from them are quite high. Starting from Vikings to medieval castles, there’s an important artifact in every town and on top of every hill making it an attractive destination. You can find people of each ethnicity you can think of in England. To ensure student safety remains a top priority while continuing to deliver the world-class teaching the UK is famous for, universities have implemented several COVID-19 support services for international students, a helpline for students that run 24/7, free mental health services, etc. Schedule a free counselling session with one of our international education experts.
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