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A good application Essentials is the first step towards securing an admission from your dream institution. Unless one has previous experience, it is quite difficult to submit with all relevant documents. An application Essentials with missing documents may be delayed or discarded or misinterpreted by the admissions team.
Thus, it becomes essential to foresee all application details thoroughly before finally sending across. Most students are unaware of the application Essentials procedures and the perfect documentation required. Our counselors are trained to assist students at every step of the procedure and documentation.
Our documentation specialists are trained to assist the student with the essential documents to accompany the perfect application. We assist our students in preparing their reference letters (letters of recommendation) and also oversee their transcripts procurement procedures.

Statement of Purpose – The Key to a Successful Application Essentials:

One of the key components of any institutional Application Essentials is the Application Essay / Statement of Purpose. A statement of purpose/essay/statement of objectives/personal statement ideally speaks for the student on his behalf to the Admissions Committee of the institution. It is the only part of the application where a student has a chance to express himself directly to the Admissions Committee. Hence, it becomes the key component of the perfect application. Please visit our Skylark Overseas Education to know more about Application Procedure.
An ideal SoP would speak about who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your academic and professional interests and where you plan to go from here. A good SoP would certainly improve your chances of securing your dream University admission and can even compensate for the weaker sections of your application Essentials – low grades, test scores, profile, etc.
Our painstaking efforts to prepare the perfect Statement of Purpose (SoP) for every student have reaped rich rewards in the past as we work alongside the student in compiling this essay. All such compilations are thoroughly checked for plagiarism prior to submission.

 Curriculum Vitae / Resume:

A good 1 or 2-page resume would be ideal for University admissions instead of a more elaborate one. Our documentation specialists are trained to prepare the right student CV that highlights the key areas which are much sought after by the Admissions Committee of any University.
We always believe in keeping the details separate from the 1 or 2-page CV as it helps the Committee to focus on the key strengths of the applicant to create a positive “first impression”.

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