7 Reasons Why MBA In Ireland Is Worth Your Time And Investment

MBA in ireland

Many students dream of pursuing MBA abroad with top-quality educators and better careers. This dream can be fulfilled by pursuing MBA In Ireland with a great return on investment and the opportunity to grab an exciting job. But how is Ireland the ideal place to continue further studies for students compared to other countries like the USA?

Over the past years, the popularity of MBA in Ireland has witnessed a huge spike because of its cost-effectiveness. Ireland has also emerged as a business hub in Western Europe, creating better job opportunities for International students. With all these facilities, Ireland attracted students from across the world to their top-class universities.

If you are looking for an MBA abroad, then this article contains all the information that you need to know. Let’s understand the benefits to enroll in an MBA course at the top universities of Ireland.

7 Concrete Reasons To Studying MBA In Ireland That You Can’t Ignore

Though several top universities are available in the world and offer various facilities for International students, a few reasons make them different from other countries’ universities for MBA.

1] Open Door For International Students

Ireland is one of those few countries that provides a two-year graduate work visa for MBA abroad for Indian students making it easy to apply for a green card or Ireland’s work permit scheme after passing of MBA. 

The universities in Ireland are also keen to attract MBA students from around the world. The universities like Trinity Business School are hosting the Trinity MBA Master Program in New York, giving a chance to the applicant can meet the Trinity MBA team and enrol in the course for job transactions.

2] Benefit Of Completing 2 Years Of Course In 1 Year

The full-time MBA course in Ireland spans a duration of 1 year as compared to other countries like the USA. 1 year MBA courses in abroad help the students to move to fast-forward towards their dreams and settle sooner as compared to other students. The shorter duration of the course results in lesser rent and other living expenses.

Comparatively, 1-year MBA In Ireland is cheaper than 2-years MBA program in the USA and other European countries. The same MBA program is also included in Trinity Master Class, providing flexibility for International students. 

3] Ireland Is The Fastest Growing Economy

Ireland is the hub for global corporations containing almost 100 multinational companies contributing to the growth of Ireland’s economy. The country also hosts the headquarters of 10 global software companies, 9 out of 10 US IT companies, 15 mid-tech companies, and 19 out of 20 financial services firms.

Many of these MNCs and tech-giant companies are looking for MBA and MS degree holders to enhance their business. All these opportunities and highly packaged jobs make it the best country to study MBA.

4] Great Job Opportunity

As we have discussed, the booming economy can create great job opportunities upon the completion of an MBA In Ireland. The universities in Ireland have tie-up with some of the MNCs like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and many more. They provide the students with jobs with good packages after MBA courses are completed.

Besides, the Universities in Ireland are also tied with the local industries helping them to get jobs easily and settle in their life. Talking about the packages, then, the average salary of an MBA graduate starts at 40,000 EUR, which increases based on performance. And one can easily work with the C-suite level executive at an in-depth level and receive one-on-one leadership development for promotions within the company.

5] Ideal Hub For Startup

Ireland holds the first rank in skills and innovation due to some of the best MBA colleges abroad showing growth of new ideas and entrepreneurship in Ireland. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report, Ireland holds the 3rd rank in the world in entrepreneurship. It is the home to 15,000 startups that have been started by MBA students from Irish Universities, which is much more than any other university in Europe.

One of seven people in Ireland aspires to start a business in the next three years that ranks 3rd in Europe in Entrepreneurship. It is surprising to know that Ireland crosses one-third of female entrepreneurship in Europe. This is possible due to the ease of doing business in Ireland and the availability of business schools opening innovation and entrepreneurship hubs for startups.

6] Super Smooth Transaction

Besides starting your start-up and ease of doing business, a job transaction is super smooth and easy. If you are working in a role that demands technical expertise and the ability to take decisions, then MBA In Ireland can help you to simply change the career option without any fuse.

Universities in Ireland for international students are offered practical-oriented MBA courses that build them with all the knowledge of team and business. This makes them easy to switch jobs and perform well in various industries. The master classes also help the students to pursue their master’s degree and further acquire a high package in other streams.

7] Pursue MBA At Lower Cost

The Universities in Ireland offer the cheapest MBA courses as compared to the other universities in non-European countries. The cost of living and other amenities also comes in a decent budget in Ireland.

Besides these benefits, several part-time job opportunities are also available for International students for their leaving. The MBA students in Ireland are allowed to work for 20 hours a week with a good income to survive. Additionally, several scholarships are also available for International students pursuing MBA In Ireland makes it easier.

Why Ireland Is The Best Country For MBA For Indian Students?

The first reason that makes it easy to study in Ireland is the effect of British imperialism and colonization in 1900. Both India and Ireland were the colonies of the Britishers, and now both countries share cordial relations. With this relationship, the approval becomes easier, which is less than 5%, to get rejected.

Indian students also have the personality of settling down quickly, and studying for an MBA in Irish Universities can help you to alleviate soon. You can pursue your dreams faster than other students enrolled in a 2-year program. MBA In Ireland is also beneficial for the students studying for appraisal as taking 1 year of break is less harsh for any employee.

And the third reason is the large community of Indians residing in Ireland, which is mostly the middle-class family. Almost 45,000 populations are Indians associated with various fields like health care, engineering, and various senior management position. The point is, you will not feel alienation from that in Ireland.

Final Verdict

Ireland is one of the safest places to reside and even pursue further studies because it does not have any conflict with other countries. In this sense, pursuing MBA In Ireland can be a safe decision and even profitable decision because of scholarships for International students, the cheapest cost price, and lower accommodation.

So, if you are searching for the best country for MBA, then Ireland is the country you are looking for. Enroll now in the best colleges of Irish Universities and grab a top-class education for a better future.

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