US universities located in big cities vs. college towns?

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More than half of the world’s population lives in cities. The result is the growing cost of living and better education facilities with time. A lot of Universities have been opened to cater to the number of students in the city, international students, and migrants.

With the international market opened up, there is a lot of cultural exchange and solid opportunities for everyone.  Stats show student performance at Universities in Bigger cities is greater compared to others. But, Is this really true?
City size matters because it’s a major influence on adaptability, prosperity, and fortune. Cities like Boston, Chicago, New York are really great cities, but they are awfully expensive and do not fit the pockets of the majority of international students.  For students to be really benefitted from entering those Universities, they need to stay in the place. But since the prices are higher and the cost of living is more, international students often tend to commute to locations far from the city.  Sometimes the commute isn’t really worth the effort, so students might at times feel, “Is it really necessary to graduate from a big city-based University?
Socio-economic factors are the only factor that is associated with the students that study in bigger cities. Urban Universities have a load of funds, can have greater resource allocation, but the education is similar to the ones at any other university. Some of the best Universities can be found in rural America. The cost of living is low, you can stay on or off-campus and enjoy living your life as a student. It is easier to earn part-time work so that you can make some money to pay off your student loans as well.  So, it is always good to be placed at the Universities in the college town.
They say “good things come in small packages.” Universities in college towns are able to focus on a per-student basis, and it offers the chance to dive deep into the curriculum and learn a lot. In fact, studies show that instructional quality and academic success grow to a larger extent in these college towns. The school system is like a Community more than that of a Corporation. All the students get noticed and therefore it becomes prominent for them to be able to participate in all the activities of the University.
Most Americans study in their own states because they are able to get the same level of education without it being expensive. Many coastal states have higher rates of tuition because they don’t want Americans to move to these states. Unfortunately, international students take the bait and end up paying higher costs.  American students from Oregon, Utah, Nevada, three states next to California are not running to study in California?  Why?  Because they can get an equally good education in their own state and it is cheaper.  The price difference for a student from these states to study in California are much cheaper than it is for you and yet they don’t go there in large numbers. American students even get low-cost loans but they still prefer their own state.
Education in bigger cities is better is a myth. This is only due to the price of the tuition; they will be able to tend you better.  College towns have better opportunities to impart maximum growth on the students, a proper cultural exchange, and a better life without costing a bomb.
With the US government also looking to help the students graduating out of Universities in college towns and rural areas, there are more opportunities for the creation of employment and subsidies too.
Big or Small, it doesn’t determine the success of the University. Make sure the University has everything that you would like to take on. Help your Overseas Education Consultant understand the importance of what you require, and then proceed to finalize a University.

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