All You Need to Know as An Under-18 International Student in Germany

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Germany is renowned for its beautiful countryside, excellent food markets, legendary nightlife, and whatnot. But these days it’s becoming more popular for the inexpensive education that it is offering to international students.

On the other hand, the education system here is quite different from that of other countries. However, guessing you are here to study abroad  because you want to broaden your eyes and immerse yourself in a new culture without getting out of the financial budget.

In that case, studying in Germany for Indian students would be an ideal choice. So, let’s keep reading until the end to gather relevant information especially if you are an under 18 international students.


Overview of Studying in Germany as an Under 18 International Student!!


Some students begin their studies at the age of 24 while most of them at the age of 18.

When talking precisely about benefits of studying in Germany for Indians, under 18 students can be seen in almost every college and University.

The colleges cut schooling by a year and allow students to begin their academic careers sooner. Apart from that, as minors, one gets to enjoy multiple benefits.

But just like two sides of every coin, the restrictions cannot be ignored as well. However, regardless of all the rules and regulations, studying in Germany for international students has managed to become a top priority.


Know the Special Requirements About Student Visas in Germany!!


As there are many restrictions that one must follow while living as an international student in Germany, being in the business of Overseas Education Consultants, here is all you need to know so that you do not end up facing any trouble related to your study visa for Germany.

  • If you are looking forward to unaccompanied journeys or a longer duration stay, then it is important to get a notarized consent from a parent or a guardian
  • As an international student in Germany, you must have copies of your guardian’s identity cards.
  • Make sure to have notarized certification of the guardian’s presence in Germany.
  • Remember to keep your birth certificate with you.
  • The parents or the guardian must sign the application for a D visa.
  • As financial proof, students should have a special barred account.
  • Health insurance coverage that is adequate

Understand “StudienKolleg” from a Closer View!!


Underaged international students in Germany should know that StudienKolleg is basically a one-year preparatory course.

It is specially designed for those who want to go to this German Higher Education institution but have a high school diploma deemed insufficient for admission to a degree program. It consists of five days of full-time education in degree-related areas including in the German language.

Once you pass the final assessment exam, it entitles you to apply to any schools in Germany for international students. Applicants who are under the age of 18 must inquire with the competent Studienkolleg about whether the legal guardian(s)’ consent is required or not.


What is it like to study in Germany?


Germany is known to have a multicultural atmosphere which means you would not be meeting other Indians but people from all over the world.

To be precise, this includes Turkish, Americans, French, Lithuanians, Portuguese, Asians, etc. When it comes to the teaching style, you just expect to witness a rigorous and strict atmosphere.

As an underaged international student, remember that being late is not acceptable. You have to be punctual at all costs and need to put in the serious effort as the competition would also be high among all the students to study in Germany.


Roll Up Your Sleeves to Learn German!!


Most of the time students believe that they would easily survive in a foreign country if their English is fluent. Regardless of the fact that English is a universal language, in Germany you should expect to face a significant language barrier. You would obviously meet people who are fluent in English both inside and outside the school.

In the bigger cities like Munich, Cologne, and Berlin, people speak mostly English. But there are always higher possibilities that you would meet people who only know their native language and it can end up being a bigger problem. Smaller German cities have things working out differently for them. They usually opt for using the German language itself and in a conversational way.

Apart from that, you may also end up facing trouble while making new friends, being a part of a group discussion or asking someone for directions in the street.

So as international students, it is very much recommended that you learn German so that you can communicate with others to survive without any problems in a foreign country.


What Should an Applicant Do in the Time of Enrollment?


When looking forward to applying to universities in Germany for international students, it is suggested to obtain a general parental consent agreement as it would help you to gain more flexibility in the study options.

It would be even better if you have a power of attorney. However, there may be times when the legal guardian may not agree to issue the agreement. In such cases, they must individually sign all the study-related activities to make you eligible for the education.


What about Accommodation in Germany as an Underage? What is the Average Cost?


When it comes to accommodation as an international student in Germany, you must have legal guardians to sign the tenancy agreement as you are not applicable to sign it individually.

If you are under custody of both the father and the mother, then both of them must sign it. Or else, it is just that one parent who would be responsible to sign it for you.

It is important to know that if you are choosing free education in Germany for international students, then the chances of getting accommodation are possible by the University itself. However, the availability of the rooms can be limited and may cost you around EUR 250 to 300 per month.


Can International Students Work in Germany?


Yes, it is totally possible as an international student in Germany to take a student job to increase financial independence. However, as minors, you may be restricted in terms of the job, job type and the working hours.

For instance, underaged international students are not allowed to work more than 40 hours in a week or to work in a bar. Apart from that, the gap between conclusion and commencement of work should be at least 12 hours or more.

On the other hand, you can give a start in a variety of areas including newspaper delivery, childcare, table waiting, working in a cafeteria, teaching, etc. You can also wait until you receive internship opportunities like a pre-study internship in Germany.


Is it Necessary to Open a German Bank Account?


Yes, it is highly recommended for you to open a German Bank account. This is simply because you are in a foreign country and you would always end up needing financial support.

Another reason why you may need it is that you would be going to rent a flat or apply for insurance and have to provide the bank details there.

Having a bank account to provide the details, would help the insurance provider or the homeowner to debit the money because it is not always possible to pay these in cash.


How is the Weather in Germany?


As students, you must be fully prepared before stepping into Germany for your higher studies when it comes to your living. And for this, you must be aware of the weather conditions that the country has to offer.

Doing this would help you to pack the right things and make your life hassle-free in many ways in a foreign land. Summers are precisely very hot and can end up reaching 22° C to 35 ° C.

While winters are chilly and icy and can end up being 3°C to -10° C. Whereas rain is unpredictably common throughout the year.

However, the weather conditions may vary as the country is separated into 16 states so it totally depends on which state you are planning to go to study.

Should Underaged and International Students Be Worried About Their Safety in Germany?


Being an international student in Germany, you must know that it is a safe country. As crime does exist in every corner of the world, here it is very less and violent crime is precisely uncommon. Most Germans themselves do not believe that terrorism poses a threat to their safety.

The best part about this country is that the government themselves have taken necessary security measures in public settings for which you can stay rest assured. Security cameras can be seen on every corner of the street, on public transport and on buildings.

Also, universities have also adopted strict measures so that the students can feel safe and comfortable throughout their academic careers. Furthermore, the people of Germany are not so friendly but definitely helpful and act as a guide for teenagers in times of need.


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