Top Reasons Why Study in UK for International Students is a Preferable Study Destination

United Kingdom
Study in UK for International Students

From campuses steeped in history to those based in iconic global cities, study in the UK for international students is one of the most desired locations.


Britain remains one of the leading study destinations in the world with around half a million international students studying here at any given time.


Here are some of the key reasons why students keep coming back to study in UK


Diverse and vibrant campuses

There are 164 higher education institutions across the UK. Many have rich histories – some are over a thousand years old. Others are more modern institutions based in bustling global cities. British campuses tend to be small to medium – not mega-campuses – which gives them a welcoming, community feel.


There are a lot of choices for study in UK for international students. They may be keen on an institution from the top-tier Russell Group, like the University of York, which has the highest student satisfaction ranking in the country. Or they might prefer the University of Cumbria, a modern institution with campuses in the British countryside (its Ambleside campus is in a national park), which offers a classic outdoorsy British experience and skills-infused learning.


English language advancement:

Many international students are keen to immerse themselves in an English-speaking culture. Study in the UK rapidly increases English language skills, which puts students in good stead when pursuing work opportunities after graduating.


Quality-assured education:

Public universities in the UK are quality-assured by the government. This means institutions are measured and quality inspected on a regular basis, to maintain high standards of teaching, learning and research. Institutions are legally obliged to publicly publish those results, so they remain accountable.


Strong working opportunities:

The graduate route to the workforce is strong in the UK. There’s a huge demand for skilled graduates and stay-behind rules allow students to continue working in the country after they’ve finished studying. Britain has a very open and international economy, and if you have a degree-level education, you’ll be able to segue fairly easily into a good job.


Also working rights exist during studies and many institutions offer internships and years working in industry (sandwich years).


World-class rankings and facilities:

The UK has a huge number of world-leading institutions with enviable facilities. For example, Strathclyde University in Glasgow has a triple-crown accredited business school, which is a big pull for international students. Also, the University of Central Lancashire – has a leading medical school that’s open to international students. All new full-time students are also guaranteed a room in the halls of residence, as many British universities offer.


Many institutions continually invest in facilities on their campuses, making both the living and study experience excellent!


Access to quality healthcare:

Brits are very proud of our free and universal healthcare system (the National Health Service- which is also the largest employer in Europe!), and international students have access to it when they’re here. They pay a small surcharge when they apply for a visa, but this is a very affordable expense, given the access to quality health care it allows. Many universities are also offering COVID-19 vaccinations to their international students studying in the UK and safe COVID-19 ‘aware’ environments for living and studying.


High student satisfaction and success rates:

The student experience at UK institutions receives consistently high rankings. International students are continually very satisfied with the teaching, pastoral care, tutorials and general welfare and study support they receive. British universities are obsessive about successful outcomes (and are measured on student success by the UK Government). Because of this, completion rates tend to be extremely high across the whole country.


Shorter degrees:

The UK system involves shorter degrees than many other countries: undergraduate courses are usually three years and a full-time master’s can be done in one (versus four and two years in other countries). Many students see this as a cost-effective route – shaving off a year of living expenses and quicker access to the job market all of which can be very helpful.


Global opportunities:

Britain is a highly international country – and our universities reflect that. Students often find people from their home country or cultural background on campus. Working in the UK for a few years after graduating can also be a great springboard to opportunities in other countries, or students may choose to take their sought-after skills back home.


International Alumni Network


An international alumni network from UK universities provides a valuable resource for current students and graduates alike. These networks often organise alumni events, mentorship programs, and career development opportunities, creating a strong sense of community that extends well beyond graduation. Connecting with successful alumni can provide insights, guidance, and potential career connections, making it a significant asset for those studying in the UK.


Quality of Life


The UK’s commitment to providing a high quality of life for international students goes beyond the essentials. With its efficient public transportation systems, students can easily explore both urban centres and the picturesque countryside. Moreover, the diverse culinary scene in the UK introduces students to a wide range of flavours from around the world, making every dining experience an adventure and contributing to their overall enjoyment of their time in the country.


Environmental Awareness


Indeed, the commitment of universities in the UK to sustainability and environmental initiatives is a major draw for students concerned about the planet’s future. These institutions often integrate eco-friendly practices into campus life, promoting recycling, energy efficiency, and green transportation options. Moreover, they engage students in research and projects that address critical environmental challenges, fostering a community of future leaders dedicated to preserving our planet.


Multilingual Environment 


In the multicultural melting pot of the UK’s universities, international students not only have the opportunity to practise languages but also gain a deeper understanding of different cultures. Language exchange becomes a natural part of daily life, fostering global friendships and enriching the overall educational experience. This linguistic diversity extends beyond the classroom, creating a vibrant atmosphere where students can explore the world without leaving their campus.


Cultural Immersion


This cultural immersion and diversity in the UK not only enrich students academically but also personally. It fosters tolerance, understanding, and intercultural friendships, which are essential skills in today’s interconnected world. It’s an opportunity to celebrate differences and embrace the vibrant tapestry of cultures that thrive within the UK’s educational landscape


How to choose?

With so much on offer, how do students choose their ideal institution? Skylark Overseas Education works with over 150 institutions in the UK.  We provide help for study in the UK for international students to find the best fit – whether they’re after a campus in a dynamic global city or one in the lush British countryside.


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