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extracurricular activities for international students


The term “extracurricular activities” has various synonyms, including “extra academic” and “extra cultural.” These are activities that students choose to participate in outside of class and academics. The students decide which activities to participate in based on their own skills and interests.

To participate in extracurricular activities, all college students have access. Although they are optional and do not conflict with your mandatory courses, they frequently take place on campus. Social clubs, sports teams, student government, charity work, and even internships are examples of extracurricular activities for international students.

Many students put a lot of effort into doing their homework and other assignments, and some even ask for money to complete difficult maths tasks, etc. Additionally, participating in extracurricular activities is a fantastic way to expand your horizons, acquire new abilities, and meet new people. With so many alternatives available, any student should be able to discover an extracurricular they are passionate about and are interested in!

Participating in extracurricular activities for students has advantages on the social, academic, physical, and mental fronts. Let’s examine some of the main advantages that extracurricular activities have for students.


Why Extracurricular Activities Are Important While Studying 

Students can benefit greatly from participating in extracurricular activities for international students in a variety of ways. A student can learn everything from specialised abilities to more general realities about life outside of school through extracurricular activities, which encourage learning beyond the classroom.

Social skills 

When relocating to a new location, it can frequently be difficult for international students to establish relationships. Participating in extracurricular activities might assist international students find new friends with whom they share interests. As a result, you will become more socially adept.

Students who participate in curricular and co-curricular activities also broaden their networks, which is helpful for locating job prospects after graduation.


Developing Your Resume

Extracurricular involvement is a fantastic résumé booster. Extracurricular pursuits can give a resume more individuality and strengthen a student’s overall job application. An interview request might be more likely from an employer.

Getting Professional Experience 

You can acquire the skills you need to flourish beyond graduation through extracurricular activities for international students. Before entering the job market, employers might anticipate young graduates to have some work experience. You can hone your abilities even through volunteering. Any of these choices can improve your chances of landing an entry-level job after graduation.

Integration of Cultures 

When they first arrive in a new country, many foreign students may experience culture shock. Students that participate in extracurricular activities can get over this discomfort. You will be exposed to cultural experiences that may not be available in a conventional classroom setting.

The list of extracurricular activities for students to do while studying 

Group for Business Development 

This option is especially well-liked by students seeking degrees in business; nonetheless, these additional groups are only for commercial enterprises. It enables you to network with individuals who choose similar or significantly different professional routes. Through these forums, you can meet entrepreneurs, discuss the newest business trends, and even lay out your start-up.

Community activities 

These extra activities for students include either giving back to neighbourhood organisations or volunteering. Food banks, family shelters, Habitat for Humanity, and Room in the Inn are a few such organisations. Because these activities demonstrate your concern for others and your likelihood of enhancing the school community, colleges respect them.

Joining a Theatre Group 

Making new friends and learning new talents can both come from participating in plays on your campus. You can also join choirs, orchestras, dance teams, and clubs for allied performing arts. For instance, improv groups at many institutions can help you gain confidence by teaching you how to act on stage, improvise your conversations, and amuse people.


You can join an organisation to broaden your horizons or volunteer for one that is closely relevant to your subject of study. International students who are unable to work full-time while attending school in the United States or Canada frequently choose this option. When students join organisations where they believe they can make the biggest impact, they frequently feel the most accomplished.

Participate actively in your university 

Anything that demonstrates your initiative to hiring managers qualifies as a good extracurricular activity to list on a resume. A fantastic illustration of this is being involved in university life and taking a keen interest in how it is run.

There are numerous opportunities, including working as a student rep, volunteering with the student union, and helping out at university fairs and other events. Participating actively in your institution can demonstrate strong leadership, teamwork, and time management—all great qualities that employers want.

Join a sports team

Consider joining a team, either on campus or in the local community, whether you’re a serious football player or just a recreational hockey player.

Including sports as extra co-curricular activities on your resume shows a variety of skills while also promoting healthy living. Additionally, it makes you appear to potential employers as a more-rounded individual who can juggle education with other responsibilities.

Look for a part-time position or an internship. 

The completion of your university work to a high standard should always be your top priority, but if you find yourself with any extra time, taking on a part-time job or internship will greatly enhance your CV.

You can prove to recruiters that you have industry-specific skills as well as good time management and initiative by including a few internships or part-time jobs on your resume. It is also wise to get advice from your career centre because many institutions provide on-campus paid employment possibilities that are made to fit your course schedule.

Creative and artistic endeavours 

Painting, drawing, sculpting, graphic design, fashion design, theatre, music, and dance are a few examples of activities that call for artistic and creative expression and can emphasise your capacity for original ideas and innovation. Universities, therefore, appreciate seeing these extracurricular and co-curricular activities listed on applicants’ applications.

Dance, acting, and performing in bands all demand collaboration, coordination, and attention to a larger goal, which may all help you convince admissions committees that you’ll fit in well with their communities.

Get Involved in Research 

Another fantastic method for overseas students to get interested in extracurricular activities on college campuses is to take part in research. International students have the chance to participate in research in order to advance their critical thinking abilities, obtain practical experience in their field of study, and give back to the academic community.


This is the list of extracurricular activities and students should take part in extracurricular activities for a variety of reasons, including the chance for personal, intellectual, physical, and academic development.  But perhaps most crucially, extracurricular activities for international students provide them with the chance to pursue their own hobbies and interests and to persevere in order to do so.

Students must avoid giving in to peer pressure and concentrate on their individual talents, passions, and interests. Select the best activity that works better for you while studying internationally. Additionally, this will increase your sense of independence and responsibility. Pick pursuits that support your work objectives, demonstrate your leadership skills, and are things you actually like doing.

The best method to promote participation in projects and endeavours that aren’t often taught in the classroom is through extracurricular activities. It strengthens your application and offers you the upper hand over other candidates.

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