Top 10 questions you should ask your universities.

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As the higher-secondary education gets over, one question that bugs the students is where they should go to pursue their higher education. Though the internet is filled with different statistics and opinions, having the right set of questions to ask about university can save you from a lot of unwanted stress. In this article, we have compiled the top ten questions to ask a university for deciding if it is right for you. To find the answers to these questions, you must directly ask the people from the university.
After all, who would know better about any university than the university guys themselves? Without further ado, let’s dive into the top 10 questions you should ask your universities before taking admission.

1. Does this university have the program(s) of your choice?

This is the obvious but one of the most important university questions you should be asking. You don’t want to waste your precious college years studying something that you are not interested in. Even if you have seen the program of your choice in advertisements, or know about it via word of mouth, it is imperative that you ask this question and complement it with other questions that revolve around it like course structure, exam patterns, etc.

2. What are the admission requirements?

If you have a university that offers what you would like to learn over the next few years, you would want to ensure that you most certainly end up studying at that university. Even though the requirements are listed on the website or the prospectus, getting to know about it straight from people who select candidate can help you prepare better. Therefore, your chance of getting selected increases manifolds.

3. What campus life is like? One of the important questions you should ask university.

You-Only-College-Once (YOCO). University is not just about hitting the books and writing the exams. Time spent during your college years will give you the memories of a lifetime. Therefore, it makes sense to ask questions about university life. Ask these questions to universities – what are the sports facilities available? What fests are organized on the campus? What are the different clubs and committees?

4. How valuable is a degree from this university?

This is one of the important questions to ask universities. Once your education is complete, you’ll have a degree to show the world for the rest of your life. Ensure all the time, money and hard work that will go into getting this degree are worth it. Ask if this degree will hold any value after you graduate.

5. What is unique about this university?

Ask what makes the university a special place to study. Even though you will get most of their selling points on the prospectus and the advertisements, it makes sense to ask the college officials/students what is so special about the university. If you ask this question to the admissions team, be prepared to hear the sales pitch but even then, you will get to know some new information.

6. What are the career prospects after finishing the program?

If you are giving your money to the university, then you should also expect some return on the investment. It is important to know beforehand what kind of doors will open for you after you pass out from the university. During your university interview question and answers session, ask about the career options after completing the program, placement options for you. Ask how the alumni network is and how alumni are doing in their careers?

7. What are the weakest features of this university?

We all tend to showcase our best features and hide whatever is ugly. Ask about the weakest aspects of the university. If you’re a science student and the university has a bad laboratory, it won’t do your career any good. Similarly, if you’re into arts and the university is not investing to upgrade the library, how can you expect them to invest for your growth?

8. What can you do to improve your chances of getting admission?

If you are sure about joining any university, let the admission team know about your profile and ask what more can you add to your bag to get selected in that university. Since the admission team will be reviewing your application, they are the best guys to tell what they seek in a candidate.

9. What is the provision for accommodation?

Education, irrespective of its quality, comes with a cost. When you join any university, different additional costs will be added to the overall budget. You should ask if the university provides accommodation to its students or will you need to arrange it on your own.

10. What scholarships and other financial aid is available?

Last but not least. This is one of the most important university questions and answers will help take off your financial burden. A university will require you to pay for tuition and other expenses. If you don’t want to dig a hole in your pocket, it’ll be wise to get financial assistance wherever possible. Ask about the scholarships available for students and other financial aids that students can access.

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