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Studying abroad is really an exciting opportunity for a lot of students. The hope of making dreams come true, studying at the dream university of your choice, and bag the dream career opportunity for yourself, everything is really exciting. study abroad is one of the exciting chapters of your life where you can travel, meet new people, understand diversified cultures, learn new languages and new perceptions. Studying abroad gives you all those opportunities to learn more about yourself, it comes with its own set of challenges.
Challenges you may face while studying abroad:

  • Finding the right accommodationOn-campus accommodation usually fills up faster and students will have to stay at places outside their university, which usually gets expensive. Also, there are certain scams that put up pictures of houses that don’t exist and ask students to deposit large sum of money. So. make sure you look up for houses using reliable and trustworthy sources.
  • Time zoneTrying to travel and work on two different time zones can be really frustrating, when especially you are trying to connect with your family. Make sure you get in suitable time zones and try making your calls quite early in the morning or late at nights. Use time keeping applications to help you with the time differences. The more you try to remember the time differences, the more you become better at it.
  • Management of financesEven if you make so much effort in managing and planning your finances, budgets and expenses throughout the year, it sometimes really gets tough to manage. You can end up being broke or having lesser funds to survive. Before you opt for a job, make sure you understand the rules of your student visa. You can also take up freelance work projects to help with your finances.
  • Currency differencesTrying to understand the currency differences is quite another challenge amongst the students while studying abroad. Make sure you are familiar with the exchange rates and start using the online currency converters. Other monetary differences to understand are the taxes in your new place. Lot of countries don’t include taxes on the prices of an item, so the cost adds the taxes while making the purchase. By learning the cash differences and the money slang, you will save a lot of confusion while making purchases.
  • Language barriersOne of the most common challenges that a student face while studying abroad is the language barrier. You can spend a number of years perfecting the language, but it will take a lot of time to understand the slang or the local version of the language, it might seem completely foreign in the beginning, but makes it easier when practiced more. And having a second language with great fluency is always an asset.
  • Feeling homesickFeeling homesick in an unfamiliar environment is quite common. You will start missing your comfort zone, might be something or someone you are attached to. Homesickness is very natural and happens to everyone. It is important to not let it destroy the dream of you getting a great life or education in the new city that you live in. The tech has grown a lot to allow you to be connected to your family and friends even when you are far and living alone. Exploring your new place will also help you overcome your homesickness.
  • Loneliness, anxiety and depressionIt is not all easy to make new friends in a new foreign land especially if you are introverted. You will have to start with social activities and parties conducted by your university. There will be a lot of stressful times and mood swings. Treat them with care and take care of your physical and mental well-being. Try to keep yourself calm, and meet new people. Find a psychologist or counsellor to talk to about your anxiety and depression.
  • Getting lost in the foreign landEven if you are an expert in reading map directions, there are chances that you might get lost when you are in a new place, you might lose your way in a crowded market or a deserted land. Prepare yourself in these cases. Usually try going out with local friends over there until you learn the language or the routes back to your dorm. Keep some stash cash emergency and some phone numbers to help you in these situations. Also keep your phone in full charge.
  • Climatic changesIt is often difficult to predict weather when you are a non-local, so make sure you keep an eye out on the weather news, or online weather prediction channels. The climate control, the city and regional characteristics affect your dressing style and sense. Plan your clothing accordingly and try getting only the bare minimum requirements and rest of them later, if you can sort out your financials you can get them in the shops.
  • Cultural diversityThere will be obvious sudden shift in the culture. From food, to rituals to transport, style of dressing, a lot of them will change. This might lead to frustration and anxiety a lot of times, but be prepared. Observe your fellow students and colleagues and try to understand the diversity of what is acceptable and what is not. Make sure you have this conversation with the local friends of yours. You can also check out the online trends to understand.
  • LaundryManaging laundry can be hectic and challenging at all times. The struggle of doing laundry, maintaining the water temperatures, and the systems of laundry abroad can be different than at home. Pay attention to the instructions of the dress labels and washing machines. If you think it is complicated, make use of the local laundry services that are pretty affordable.
  • Lack of opportunitiesLack of opportunities in terms of your growth in career can be disappointing. And can be a major problem for informational students as there is heavy competition to bag the best offers. If you don’t get a suitable opportunity or if your student visa might be getting expired, so keep an eye out for any good opportunities. Make sure you excel in what you do and you will find the right opportunity for you. Try getting references from your professors or already placed colleagues or friends.
  • SafetySafety is one of the biggest concerns when you are studying abroad. Certain safety measures are required to keep you out of trouble. There are a lot of scams and frauds that can lure students who are non-local. Knowing the local language and having an insurance is very important to avoid landing in trouble. Keep a vigilance on your surroundings, don’t drink too much, keep a stash of cash and leave the rest at your dorm in a locked safe. Always keep your phone full of charge, and keep your emergency contact numbers with you written in a book.
  • Wanting to stay foreverAfter getting through all the challenges, you might fall in love with your new place and when your education is complete, you might not feel like going home. Make sure you have ample opportunities and understanding of your student visa on the timelines until you can stay. Be excited to share your perception and experiences back at home.

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