Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Your Roadmap To Study In The US

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Three of the biggest issues faced by students looking to study in the US are “Financial Constraints”, “Immigration Processes” and “choosing between the fall intake, spring intake, and summer intake in the USA to start their studies”. However, with proper planning and a well-defined roadmap, aspiring students can overcome these challenges and pursue their dreams of studying in the US. In this comprehensive step-by-step guide, we will navigate through the essential stages of creating your roadmap to study in the US, ensuring a smoother and more successful journey.

Steps To Create Your Own Roadmap To Study In The US

Here are some of the Easy Steps to creating Your Own road map for Studying in the US. This friendly guide reveals simple yet effective steps to help you craft a personalised roadmap for your educational journey in the United States. This will help you gain valuable insights and actionable tips to navigate the process with confidence and set yourself up for success. Let’s begin: 

  • Research and create a list of colleges that catch your interest.
  • Start preparing from this week.
  • Undertaking the exams required for immigration
  • Financial Planning
  • Start applying
  • Apply for your Visa
  • Prepare for your life in USA


Make A List Of Colleges That You Find Interesting By Conducting Research:

Before applying for admission to any college in the USA, research them thoroughly. Try to research at least 10–20 colleges in the USA and shortlist them according to your needs and interests. Find out what courses they offer, what their fees are, etc. If you want to know more about any college, then you can always use the internet and social media to reach out to many people related to that college.

Start Preparing This Week:

It is always a good idea to start preparing as soon as possible and slowly move forward in this journey because you have to do many things that may overwhelm you if you try to do them in a short time. Universities also provide admission on a first-come, first-served basis in the USA. That’s why you have to take care not to be late.

Undertaking The Exams Required For Immigration:

Start preparing for the necessary exams, such as the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, etc., based on the colleges that you are interested in. You should have started preparing for these exams at least three months ago before undertaking them to get good scores.

Financial Planning:

Your costs vary depending on where you live in the US. So, find out the costs of different places in the USA where you want to live. You should try to make financial plans as soon as possible based on those places, according to your budget. It helps once you get there and also saves you from facing many financial problems.

Start Applying:

Prepare your final application with all the necessary documents attached, including a statement of purpose (SOP), and start applying to colleges you are interested in as soon as the admissions process opens.

Apply For Your Visa:

Understanding and navigating the visa and immigration processes can be challenging and time-consuming. Students must meet the specific requirements and submit the necessary documentation to obtain an American student visa. This process often involves interviews, financial documentation, and compliance with immigration regulations.

Prepare For Your Life In The USA:

After receiving your visa and being fully ready, you should start preparing for your life in the USA. There will be many things with options available to choose from that will affect your daily life in the USA. For example, Mode of transit, Food, gym, etc.

Simple And Clear Document Checklist For Applying To US Universities

If you want to study in the US, Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready before it’s too late.

  1. Your 10th and 12th-grade mark sheets
  2. If you have already completed a degree, you will need to provide your transcripts and provisional certificates.
  3. Your IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, or GMAT scorecards
  4. LORs
  5. 2-3 SOPs
  6. Your national ID proof
  7. Visa
  8. Passport
  9. Resume providing information about your curricular and co-curricular activities.
  10. Make sure to gather any additional authentic documents and certifications related to the internships and projects you have completed. 
Activity Plan Spring/January 2024 intake Fall/September 2024 intake Summer/May 2024 intake
Research and Make a list of colleges you are interested in June 2022 – July 2022 March 2023 – April 2023 Dec 2022 – Jan 2023
Start preparing from this week Aug 2022 – Sept 2022 May 2023 – June 2023 Feb 2023 – March 2023
Undertaking the exams required for immigration Oct 2022 – Jan 2023 July 2023 – Sept 2023 April 2023-July 2023
Financial Planning Feb 2023 – March 2023 Oct 2023 – Nov 2023 Aug 2023-Sept 2023
Start applying April 2023 – June 2023 Dec 2023 – Feb 2024 Oct 2023 – Dec 2023
Apply for your Visa July 2023 – Aug 2023 March 2024 – July 2024 Jan 2024 – Feb 2024
Prepare for your life in USA Sept 2023 – Dec 2023 July 2024 – August 2024 March 2024 – April  2024
Book your Tickets January 2024 September 2024 May 2024

Deadlines For Applying For Intakes In USA

Keep in mind the below given deadlines while applying for admission in USA. 

Intake Deadline Duration in USA
Fall September to December Approximately 4 months
Spring January to May Approximately 5 months
Summer May to August Approximately 3 months

Comparison Between Intakes Based On University

If you’re considering studying in the USA, research universities of interest and their admissions intakes. You should be aware that most universities in the USA are open for admission in the fall and Spring intakes, but very few universities provide the facility for admission in the summer intake. Fall begins in August or September, Spring in January, and summer around May or June. Plan and explore multiple options.

Top Universities Accepting Applications For Fall Intake 2024 In The USA

  1. Columbia University
  2. Princeton University
  3. Harvard University
  4. California Institute of Technology
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Top Universities Accepting Applications For Spring Intake 2024 In The USA

  1. University of Texas
  2. University of Colorado
  3. University of California
  4. University of Michigan
  5. California State University


Top Universities Accepting Applications For Summer Intake 2024 In The USA 

  1. Stanford University
  2. University of Michigan-Dearborn
  3. Boston University
  4. University of Central Missouri 
  5. University of Oregon 

Comparison Between Intakes Based On Acceptance Rate

In the USA, most students are accepted in the fall intake, followed by the spring intake. Summer intake admissions are rare, and only a few universities offer them. Fall is the most popular choice, while spring offers a viable alternative. The summer intake is highly competitive and limited in availability. Make sure to review the admission guidelines and deadlines for each intake.

Comparison Between Intakes Based On Job Opportunity

The fall intake is said to be the best for getting abundant internship and career opportunities. During the Fall intake in the US, there are more job opportunities available on campus. This is because many job openings tend to happen specifically during the Fall intake. The spring intake is said to be the best for campus experience and student-teacher interaction because of the small classes. The spring intake is best for students who are very serious about their studies. Of course, these students get job opportunities easily due to their skills and deep knowledge of their field.

Comparison Between Intakes Based On The Availability Of Courses

Universities make sure to offer all courses in this intake in the USA. As compared to summer or spring, almost all courses are available in the fall intake. Around 80% of courses are available in the spring intake, and very few courses are offered by universities in the summer intake. Most courses offered in the summer intake are short courses, taking much less time to be completed than courses available in the fall and spring intakes.

Comparison Between Intakes Based On The Availability Of Internship Opportunities

When it comes to internship opportunities, students in the fall intake have an advantage. As the academic year begins, teachers offer research and teaching assistant internships, giving fall intake students the best chances. By aligning with the academic calendar, they can access a wide range of on-campus jobs and establish valuable connections. However, internships are available throughout the year, and students from other intakes can still find opportunities. It’s important for all students to actively seek out internships, build networks, and utilise career services to maximise their chances of success. Remember, the initiative is key to securing valuable internships that align with your career goals.


In conclusion, selecting the Fall intake for higher education in the USA is highly recommended due to its advantages. However, the choice of intake ultimately depends on individual preferences. Thorough research is necessary to select the intake that aligns with future education and career plans. The fall intake offers a wide range of academic programmes and a smoother transition. It facilitates networking and community building with a larger student cohort. Yet, personal circumstances, programme availability, and deadlines should be considered. Choose wisely to ensure a successful and fulfilling educational experience.

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