The Life of an International MBA Student in the UK

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Have you ever wondered what life is like for international students studying for their MBA in the UK? Maybe you’re planning on joining them or you’re just curious to know, top MBA universities in UK. Let’s dive into the life of an international MBA student studying in the UK

How expensive is life in the UK for an International Student? 

Generally, the tuition fee differs from university to university. The cost may range from 10,000-15,000 British Pounds, which in Indian Rupees is around 10,12,530 – 15,20,340. While top universities like Cambridge can go up to around 45,000 Pounds, approximately, 4,560,660 Indian Rupees. The cost of living differs according to the place you choose to live in, for example, cities like London are very expensive, and apart from your tuition fee, you need a minimum of 1.5 lakhs per month as an expenditure (information from UK Border Agency). In places outside of London, you may require at least 1 Lakh per month. 
The UK also offers scholarships. They offer both internal and external scholarships. Most of them are merit-based and require you to have good grades on past exams and exams like GMAT. The requirements differ according to the university or organization offering the scholarship and it’s always a good idea to learn about the requirements before you apply. 
UK Visa and immigration calls for a budget or deposit of around 1,334 Pounds per month for about 9 months (1,35,215 Indian Rupees) or a total sum of 12,006 Pounds (1,216,640 Indian Rupees). That money requirement is to study in London. In other places in the UK, the cost is less than that, like 1,203 Pounds per month (1,21,908 Indian Rupees), or 9207 Pounds for nine months (9,33,175 Indian Rupees). The rent per week ranges around 150 Pounds (15,202 Indian Rupees).


Though most people think that Indian food is hard to find in the UK, it is not. A lot of people in the UK love Indian food, especially the British. Chicken Tikka Masala is the national food of the UK. There are about 12,000 Indian restaurants in the UK according to, so it’s safe to say that you don’t have to be worried about finding food that reminds you of home. The average cost per person for an Indian meal in an eat-as-much-as-you-can buffet is around 5-7 Pounds or 506-709 Indian Rupees. 

Cultural Shocks

As a student going abroad from India to the UK, there are some cultural shocks that you may experience. 
The British people are very polite and friendly. They may be reserved while talking to strangers, but do not mistake that for them being mean. Always say “sorry” and “thank you” when appropriate, the British say those words often and expect everyone to use them too. 
In India, it may be accepted to turn up a little late to meetings of parties, but in the UK, that’s a big no.
While visiting someone’s place or attending a party that they are throwing, always take them something like a present or return the favor by inviting them to your place or a party if you’re hosting one. Doing neither of them is considered to be rude. 
Always stand in a line and wait for your turn. 
Though English is spoken everywhere in the UK, expect changes in an accent as you go from one region to another. Every region in the UK has its accent and some people may have a thick accent while others have normal or light accents. If you do not understand, ask them to slow down and let them know you’re having trouble keeping up with their pace.
A quick tip: the huge change may take a toll on your mental, social, and physical health. To make yourself comfortable in your new home country, make new friends and engage in events and activities that interest you, or even join a particular activity club. It’s a great way to de-stress too! And some people may be Racist while others may just not be aware that they are mocking your race or religion, let them know if and when they have crossed the line, but do so politely and never get into fights. If someone bullies you further, try to keep your distance from them or talk it through with somebody.  top MBA universities in uk

Earning Money as a Student in the UK

If you’re looking for ways to make money in the UK, here are some ways for you to do it:
You can find a lot of part-time jobs in and outside of your university in the UK. You can work in grocery stores, malls, cafes, bars, specific stores like book stores, clothing stores, etc. 
You can tutor kids in subjects that you are good at. 
You can also work online if you don’t like physical jobs, for example, writing, social media management, etc.  
You can also get on-campus jobs, work as assistants for professors, work in your university’s library, or work in your university’s cafes or clubs. 
You can also organize bake sales, garage sales, sell your unwanted stuff, sell photographs, make money from coupons, earn through blogging, the list is endless. 
If you’re willing to out in those extra hours to make those extra bucks, your opportunities are endless.  top mba universities in uk
We hope we’ve answered all the questions you had in your mind when it comes to knowing about the life of an international student in the UK. Thanks for stopping by, and do check out our other blogs to get more information regarding MBA in the UK!

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