Reasons for High Australia Studеnt Visa Rеjеction Ratе 2024

Australia Student Visa Rejection Rate

Australia is a popular choice for students wanting to study abroad. It’s got great education and research facilities and a high quality of life. Because of this, lots of people apply for student visas to study there. But sometimes visas get rejected. Students need to know about this and understand why it happens. In this blog, we’ll talk about why Australian student visas might get rejected and what students can do to avoid them. Knowing about the rejection rate can help students make sure they have a better chance of getting their visa approved.

What is the Australian Student Visa Rejection Rate?

Did you know that in 2023, around half of the students who applied for a visa to study in Australia were rejected? That’s like flipping a coin and not getting the result you wanted. So, it is more important to know why this happens.

Why Australian Student Visas Got Rejected

Getting an Australian student visa isn’t easy. The visa officers are the ones who know all the ins and outs of the process. However, applicants can still learn about the main reasons why these visas are often rejected and try to avoid them. Here are the ten most common ones:

  • Tougher Immigration Rules:

Australia has made its immigration rules stricter to protect its interests and manage the number of people coming into the country. This means they’re looking more closely at visa applications, which might lead to more rejections for those who don’t provide all the necessary Australian student visa requirements or have mistakes in their applications.

  • More people are applying:

Because Australian universities are so well regarded, more and more international students are trying to get visas to study there. This means there’s a lot of competition for these visas, and even smart students might not get approved because there are just too many applications for the authorities to handle.

  • Financial Documеnts:

When you’re applying for a visa, it is more important to show that you have enough money to cover your school fees, living costs, and other expenses. If you don’t provide clear and complete proof of your finances, it is a common reason for visa rejections. This makes the authorities doubt if you can support yourself while studying in Australia.

  • Australia Student Visa Costs:

Paying for the visa application itself can be a big challenge, especially for students from families with less money. The high Australian student visa fees might stop some deserving students from getting the chance to study in Australia. This makes it harder for everyone to have equal access to education.

  • Procеssing Timе for Australian Student Visas:

It takes a long time for Australia to process student visa applications. This makes things harder for people who want to apply, as the Australian student visa processing time is a little longer. When visas take too long to be approved, it makes applicants worried and uncertain about their plans. It also messes up their school schedules and makes it tough for them to enroll in time and pursue their career dreams. Hence, Australia’s student visa rejection rate is comparatively higher.

  • English Skills:

Being good at English is important for studying and fitting in well in Australia. To get a visa, you usually have to prove your English skills with tests like IELTS or TOEFL. If your English skills are good enough or if you try to chat on the telephone, it is really hard to get your visa approved. That’s why being good at English matters a lot when you’re applying for a visa.

  • Gеnuinе Tеmporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement:

In Australia, they have a rule called the Gеnuinе Tеmporary Entrant (GTE) requirement. It means that when you apply for a student visa, you have to show that you clearly plan to study there and then go back home when you are done with your studies. If you can’t prove that you’re planning to come to Australia just to study and not to stay forever, they might not give you the visa. The Australian visa application form includes this requirement.

  • Australia Visa for Indians:

Getting an Australian visa for Indians can be tricky for Indian students. A lot of Indians want to study there, which makes the process more complex. Different factors, like politics and relations between countries, can affect whether an Indian student’s visa gets approved. That’s why it is important to have specific plans to deal with any issues that might come up.

  • Appеal Lеttеr for Visa Refusal:

If your Australian student visa gets rejected, you can write an appeal letter for visa refusal to appeal the decision. This letter is important because it gives you a chance to explain why you should still get the visa. You need to show evidence to support your case and convince the authorities to reconsider their decision.

  • Australia Student Visa Refusal Application:

If your visa is refused, you can try again, but it is important to do it right. You should carefully look at what went wrong the first time and fix any problems. You also need to make sure your new application is strong and follows all the rules. Being thorough and persistent is key to increasing your chances of success in reapplying for an Australian student visa.

What to Do After Your Australian Student Visa Is Rejected?

If a student’s Australian visa application gets turned down, they have two main options:

  • They can appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) within 28 days. The appeal deadline is usually provided along with the rejection notice. How long it takes for the appeal to be processed depends on the type of visa and the reasons for rejection. Additionally, there’s a fee of AU$ 1 and 826 for the visa application.
  • Alternatively, they can apply for a new student visa. This involves addressing the issues that led to the previous rejection and submitting a new application.

These are the two straightforward options available to students facing a visa rejection in Australia.

Documents Needed by ATT to Review Your Visa Application Rejection

To appeal a rejected Australian student visa, you need to provide certain documents to the Australian Tribunal for Tribunals (ATT). Thеsе include:

  • Details of your academic achievements.
  • Explanation of why you didn’t pursue the course in your home country and plans to return home.
  • Offer from the university you want to attend.
  • Show future job prospects in your chosen course.
  • References and testimonials from people who can support your case.
  • These documents help the ATT officers reconsider your visa application.

What to Do If Your Appeal to ATT Fails?

In Australia, around half of student visa applications get rejected. If your visa is denied and your appeal to the Administrative Appearances Tribunal (ATT) doesn’t succeed, you have two options:

  • Filе a petition at the Federal Court: You can only do this if there was a legal mistake in the ATT’s decision.
  • Write to the minister: You can seek the minister’s opinion on your case. When the minister gets involved, decisions often turn out in favour of the applicant.


Getting an Australian student visa can be a big deal for students coming from other countries, and it might seem a bit complicated. But don’t worry! To make sure you have the best chance of getting your visa approved, it is important to understand why visas sometimes don’t get accepted and what you can do to avoid that. Even small mistakes or giving the wrong information can cause your visa to be rejected. So it is really important to get everything right when you’re applying. So now you know about Australian student visa rejections, what you need to apply for, and how to go about it. Ready to start your study journey in Australia? Feel free to drop a comment below. We are here to help you chase your dreams!



  • Do Australian student visas sometimes get denied?

Yеs. If the person applying doesn’t meet all the requirements, their visa might be denied. In 2023, about half of the applications were rejected. 

  • Is it hard to get an Australian student visa?

No, and it is not too tough to get on. But you’ve got to make sure you meet all the requirements and have all the right documents ready. 

  • What are the chances of getting a student visa for Australia?

For folks from Nepal, about 71.1% of visa applications got approved, according to the Australian immigration department’s early statistics. It might be difficult for people from other places. 


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