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Studying abroad and finding job opportunities for international students in the UK is a strenuous task. Studying in the UK  as an international student is already a lot on someone’s plate, finding a job that is suitable for you on top of that while getting an opportunity for getting a PR in the UK for international students is a difficult task. But there are many ways to get jobs as an international student in the UK.As an international student. You may want to consider work in the UK while you study. There are a number of ways you can gain work experience so that you can develop and showcase your skills, for example:

  1. Part-time jobs
  2. Placements and Internships
  3. Volunteering

You may also want to explore the possibility of working in the UK after your studies in order to study and settle for a PR in the UK.

Eligibility to work in the UK

Students from within the European Economic Area (EEA) have no restrictions on the type of work or the number of hours that they work.  As an international student or graduate studying in the UK (not from a European Economic Area), you must be absolutely clear about your eligibility to work in the UK as stated on your visa. The University Careers Service does not give advice on these matters. If you are in any doubt, you must check this with our UK team (Visa Immigration Support and Advice) who will advise you on all related issues. Understand your eligibility for opportunities to study, work, and settle in the UK is crucial as it is the first step towards job opportunities for international students in the UK and for a chance toward permanent residency.



As a student, your priority is to study and achieve your qualification. Do not deter away from the fact that you are a study abroad UK student. The following information is given only as general guidance and the hours that you can work while studying will be clearly stated on your student visa if you are a non-EEA student:

  • During term-time, this will be part-time with specific hours as stated on your visa (10/20 hours)
  • During university vacations, you can usually work full-time. Check with your university to clarify the vacation dates that apply to you.
  • Contact our UK team if any doubt arises about your working entitlement.


National Insurance

Everyone working in the UK must have a National Insurance number. If you are an International or EU student, you will need to apply by phone for this in order to work while studying. You must be eligible to study or work in the UK to get a National Insurance number.
Phone using the National Insurance number application line: 0345 600 0643 Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm

Finding work experience


  • Explore jobs for international students in the UK and opportunities for Placements, internships, part-time jobs, and volunteering. These experiences are crucial for developing your employability skills and can be used to provide evidence when applying for employment.
  • Check out the Employment Guide written by your University Students Association. This provides information about looking for a part-time job and includes useful websites as well as providing information about your employment rights.
  • Consider registering with recruitment agencies for part-time or temporary work related to your field.


Graduate Jobs

If you are a study abroad UK student looking for a graduate job, you will need to become career ready very quickly. Use your time in the UK not only to gain your degree but also to develop the graduate attributes and employability skills that employers expect you to have, for example, teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.
Some graduate employers advertise early and expect you to apply before your course has finished. These employers are likely to have a long recruitment process that may involve a number of stages, and can also be very competitive. Plan well ahead and make good use of Graduate Careers Fairs, Career Conversations, and additional events and support organized by your University Careers Service.


Finding Graduate Opportunities

Most employers are prepared to accept applications from international students for vacancies. However, for graduate opportunities, some may not be in a position to sponsor if they are not on the Register of Sponsors or the job may not be suitable as they don’t meet the minimum salary or graduate status required.
For graduate opportunities, international students can switch from Tier 4 (General Student Visa) to Tier 2 (General Visa) provided they meet specific criteria, and this will allow you to obtain graduate-level employment in the UK. UKCISA has detailed information relating to your options if you are considering working after your studies.
An employer asks for general skills- teamwork, proactive problem-solving communication, time management, Computer Skills, and Customer awareness in an employee. Specific skills are the essential skills that are required to fulfill the job vacancy. To apply for any job, an employee should have a high standard of English, to have clear communication. Other necessity skills and preparations are:

  1. Boost your employability
  2. Career Service-landing your dream job
  3. Job Hunting resources
  4. Finding your Graduate Employer (Through graduate schemes or direct entry)
  5. Work permits and Visa
  6. Licensed Sponsor Companies

Visit the UK government website for more specific details.

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