Job Opportunities Abroad After Your Education Amidst COVID-19

Jobs in Abroad

Is it possible to get a job after your education abroad amidst COVID-19?

Getting job opportunities abroad is every student’s dream. They want to experience global exposure by studying at the finest universities abroad. Unfortunately, final-year students are experiencing a lot of panic and uncertainty when it involves their employment prospects, as they’re going to be graduating during the corona virus pandemic. During these times where the world is battling against COVID, many universities and colleges are resolving questions of employability, placements, and internships amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the restrictions, many companies have worked in a remote setting in the last few months.
Employees have set up their headquarters, and hiring and on boarding processes have been online. Although many companies have slowly begun to return to the office adopting a hybrid model, the third wave has led to a rise in remote working once more. The resulting measures became a new lifestyle to us, which we’ll most likely have to maintain until most of the people are vaccinated.

Increase in job opportunities abroad

There has been a notable increase in job offers abroad, in the health and medical-related job roles, especially within the UK and Canada. Several universities there are offering attractive placements and internships followed by the newly-confirmed opportunity to take up post-study work to Indian students. There has been a big rise in the demand for tailored courses that can change the following social and economic dynamics of the post-pandemic age. An age where accomplished professionals in sectors like healthcare, medicine, research, and technology shall be especially valued. The 5 best job roles for college students with the highest corona virus-related employment openings include registered healthcare provision, communications, welfare work, project management, and technicians.

Recruitment process

Traditional recruitment has now become virtual recruitment. Companies must have a robust online presence when it involves recruitment, as many students no longer have the choice to attend an in-person interview. Nearly all interviews, assessment centers, and psychometric tests are now conducted entirely online. This means that firms are ready to recruit students and graduates without breaking lock down rules. With remote working becoming the new normal, there will be a great demand for skilled IT students who can serve as security architects and ethical hackers. The Public Cloud which has emerged as the backbone of all IT infrastructures is also seeing a rise amid the pandemic. With more organizations expected to migrate to the cloud, there will be greater demand for students in the role of cloud architects and cloud IT administration personnel.
For lakhs of Indian students aiming for overseas education every year, finding a career abroad and securing permanent residence are still the most important considerations. Amidst these pandemic days, there were still good and positive news where UK’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared a desire to welcome students from India and to offer guaranteed post-study work visas for the U.K., including for those forced by the pandemic to begin their studies online.
This means Indian students in the U.K. can look forward to a world-class education that will give them a great start to their career, along with getting job offers abroad and opportunities to work while studying and even after graduating. Though the job sector is experiencing a severe downturn, it has also increased new job opportunities abroad, especially in the digital industry. Some companies are trying to find fresh talents and are still hiring candidates during this unstable time.

Job market post COVID-19

Post COVID-19, the job market will take some time to normalize completely. Use this lock down time to develop new skills. You can check-in for online certification courses which will leverage your job search in the future. The job market has revamped and remote work seems to be the future. Companies hiring remotely check for employees who can work independently from home. It might look easy, but remote working requires a certain skill set.
COVID-19 may have shaken our world beyond comprehension, but the most effective thing is that we are here in it together. Job markets go through turbulence all the time. Certain sectors flourish while others may face a temporary downturn. The idea is to keep yourself proactive and make strategic planning that will help you pursue your dream job.
We understand that you may still feel confused about your dream to study overseas.  Students can now seek professional guidance if they can not decide whether to apply or not. Schedule a free counselling session with one of our international education experts.

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