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Admission in Oxford University for Indian Students

In the English-speaking world, Oxford University is the oldest institution of higher learning. Admission in Oxford University has been a dream for students across the globe. It is a renowned historical institution in known for its distinctive teaching approaches. Oxford, which boasts numerous cultural museums, libraries, and programs in the arts and humanities, has won prizes in the fields of engineering, life sciences, and social sciences between 2011 and 2016. 


30 British prime ministers and several other heads of state and administrations from throughout the world are other notable Oxford alumni.49 specialized undergraduate degree programs are available from Oxford. The more than 350 distinct programs in the aforementioned divisions are enjoyed by graduates. Masters, Doctoral, Post Graduate Diploma, and Post Graduate Certificate courses are available for graduation. Full-time, part-time, and mixed courses are among them. The study mode could be entirely instructional, entirely research-based, or both.

Why go to Oxford to study?


The University of Oxford is well-known for its societal contributions, research, and teaching across the globe.

Living is simpler for students


Oxford is one of England’s most significant cities in terms of culture and history, and having Oxford University there has increased its stature twofold. Students can experience a more enriched city life in Oxford.


You will gain some highly specialized skills.


The three years of tutorial instruction push students to question and analyze everything they come across, to think fast and creatively, and to try their best to come up with answers and solutions even if they are not that knowledgeable about the issue.


Outside of the classroom, Oxford students get a wide range of other abilities, such as confidence among powerful people, a lack of fear of formal settings, and indifference to impressive structures. Oxford students are likely to be less afraid of speaking up in front of authority figures than most because they spend three years around smarter people.


“The feel of Oxford University”


Living in Oxford , United Kingdom  puts you in close proximity to one of the top universities in the world, which means you’ll see students wandering around in gowns during exam weeks, have access to some of the university’s lectures and events, and be able to tour some of Oxford’s thirty-eight colleges.


Scholarships and Financial Assistance


Oxford students should also take into account scholarships and financial aid. The University of Oxford provides undergraduate students with a considerable amount of financial aid of about £8 million.


International or overseas students at Oxford are not entirely dependent on scholarships, though. There are numerous scholarships available for them, particularly for students from Asia.



As you go about the city, you will hear a variety of dialects and languages. Additionally, you can get food from many different countries, including France, India, Thailand, and Japan. Although I would describe Oxford’s ambiance as distinctly British, you won’t feel at all out of place there.


Even as a student, you can attract attention.


The prominence of Oxford brings events there to the attention of the nation. National newspapers can report on the election of its student union president. There are innumerable instances where events that could make the front pages of a few students or local newspapers at other universities make national headlines when they occur at Oxford. Because of all the attention, Oxford offers plenty of opportunities for undergraduates to stand out in a variety of fields, including journalism, activism, debating, acting, and politics. Undoubtedly, being at the right place at the right time is helpful, and it is true that not everyone has this advantage.


What is the criteria for admission in Oxford University?


The qualifying requirements are the first step to knowing how to acquire admission in Oxford University from India. There are some basic eligibility requirements that you must meet as an overseas student enrolling at Oxford University, though they may vary depending on the subject. There are some basic Although they may change depending on the subject, there are certain eligibility requirements that you must complete in order to enroll at Oxford University as an international student. Indian students who intend to pursue a degree at oxford university admission requirements for Indian students must meet the following criteria:


  • 10+2 qualification with a minimum of 90% (Grade A1 or A2) in your selected five subjects in the CBSE/ISC board. In the ISC board, the minimum overall aggregate of 90% with a minimum of 95% in your selected two subjects and 85% in the other three courses.


  • JEE Advance Score is also a requirement for Indian students who are applying to science programs.


  • Tests of English proficiency test


The university will accept standard or greater English competence depending on the subject. Standard proficiency is required for courses in computer science and statistics, and greater English proficiency is a prerequisite for the rest courses.


Procedure for Admission in Oxford University for Indian Students


The Oxford application procedure includes a number of procedures, such as creating an account, finishing the course application, taking the admissions test, sending references and supporting documentation, and more. It is advised that you compile all supporting documentation and references a week before you begin your application. To further assist you, the following are the main procedures for applying to Oxford University:

Pick the Correct Course


Search the Oxford University website for a course that appeals to you. The prerequisites, syllabus, and application deadline for each course will differ based on the subject, so you should be aware of them.

Entrance requirements and tests for admission in oxford university


Oxford University looks at your subject-matter competence before reviewing your application.As a result, it is crucial to be aware of the entrance exam requirements for the program you are applying to. Written examinations will be used to gauge your knowledge of the chosen subject. As a result, knowing these requirements will enable you to start preparing.

Choose the school or submit an open application


When you are certain of the appropriate subject to pursue and its entrance requirements, go on to choosing the perfect college to you would like to be admitted  There are more than 30 colleges at Oxford University. If you are overwhelmed by the choices, you can select an open application, in which case the university will choose the school based on your preferences that best meets your needs.

The UCAS application in its entirety


Visit the University & Colleges Admission Services (UCAS) website and complete the UCAS application after you are certain of the degree and college that are best for you. The application period runs from June to October. Create an account, enter your personal information, and submit the relevant documentation.

Interview Schedule


After submitting your application, hold off on scheduling an interview until you hear from us. Since most applications must be received by October of each year, you will probably get a call in December if you are shortlisted. Whether through a face-to-face, telephone, or video chat interview, your information, interests, and reasons for enrolling in the course at Oxford will be evaluated.

Last offer for admission in oxford university


Oxford University will offer you a place to study at the college of your choice if the interview process revealed that you are the right fit for the course. If you filed an open application, the university will select the best college for you.

What is some advice for Admission in Oxford University?


How to get into Oxford University from India not only involves the admissions process, but also the strategies you can use to build a solid application. So watch as we give you some preparation advice:


  • Academic success over the four years of high school, intellectual curiosity, a passion for the subject you have chosen to study at Oxford, and a super curricular activity are all required.
  • Start preparing yourself to comprehend why you want to study at this university once you have all the information you need regarding how Indian students can obtain admission in oxford university.Do thorough research, declutter your mind, and base your responses on skills related to the course you’ve chosen and your area of interest. Make your tips for a strong and compelling application by practicing with online mock interviews.




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend the esteemed Oxford University, which has turned forth some of history’s finest scholars and thinkers? With its scholarly environment and extensive historical and cultural legacy, Oxford is simply fantastic.


Oxford University has a long tradition of providing top-notch instruction, earning it a prestigious reputation for excellence in both teaching and learning. Understanding the complexities of a demanding application and selection process can be challenging.

The admissions procedure is only one part of learning how to get into Oxford University from India; you also need to know how to create a compelling application.


The Oxford application process includes several steps, such as making an account, completing the course application, taking the admissions test, sending references and supporting documentation, among others. This step is essential to comprehend when learning how to apply from India for admission in Oxford University. You should gather all supporting materials and references at least a week before you start your application. Now that you know how to apply to Oxford University from India, you should be able to do so with ease. You can get into Oxford if you are persistent, have a strong work ethic, and a stellar educational background.

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