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As they say, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, so this one crucial step taken in the right direction determines if those thousand miles were worth it or not. determines if those thousand miles were worth it or not. One of the most important steps that can influence your future prospects is selection of the right institution. There are thousands of institutions across the globe, which offer admissions to international students, but one needs to be selective before deciding to apply. An educational institution is a place, where the student is going to invest his valuable resources (time, energy and money) in pursuit of valuable knowledge; hence, selection of the right institution is essential. After deciding on your Study Abroad destination, the next most important step is selecting the right institution. A variety of factors must be considered here:
  • Availability of the preferred course / major / specialization in the institution
  • Tuition and living costs
  • Availability of scholarships at the institution
  • Ranking, acceptance criteria, etc.
  • Internships, externships and part-time jobs
  • Future prospects upon completion
More often than not, students use information obtained from their friends /relatives abroad and the website of the institution to make a choice. However, the truth is, an institution cannot be judged from the appearance of its website or brochure. An unsuspecting student could be misled into joining a less reputed institution. Now this is where our professional experience and exposure comes to your rescue. Our experience with overseas institutions over the years has taught us to be discreet in judging the institution’s true potential from its website appearance. Thus, we are able to provide the student with factual information on any given institution. At SKYLARK, we go through the pain of gathering all the relevant information so that the student can use his discretion and knowledge to make the right choice. We realize that education abroad is a financially taxing experience. Hence, we take extra effort to ensure that we give the right guidance in terms of Scholarships offered by institutions and other agencies. Keep watching this space for more articles to follow on: 1. Internship Vs. Externship 2. Are Institutional Rankings Reliable? 3. What Is A Capstone Project? 4. Major Vs. Minor Subjects
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