5 Tips For Students Aspiring To Study Abroad After 12th

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 12 examinations have been canceled and have kept the students on edge. Due to the massive covid-19 outbreak and especially the 2nd wave, the students’ plan to study abroad after 12th while waiting for their class 12 result might have disrupted their plans. But worry not and do not let this situation overwhelm you. Students have numerous and a variety of course options available to them.

5 Tips To Prepare Yourself To Study Abroad After 12th

It doesn’t matter which stream a candidate is from, there are many options of undergraduate courses after Class 12th awaiting their application. students aspiring to study abroad after 12th  are advised to spend their leisure time by researching more about the study abroad opportunities and options. In this blog, we include tips that you can follow to prepare yourself to study abroad after 12th results this year.

1. Do Thorough Research On The Universities And Courses

Doing thorough research about the university is important and necessary and by making the most out of your time in researching, you get a better chance of getting into your dream university and pursuing your dream course. It is important to understand the university’s vision and the courses they provide. Official college sites provide blogs and detailed information about course modules, student life, course intake. They also provide information like e-brochures and videos that give students a better insight into the university’s culture, extracurricular activities, and method of teaching and learning.
A detailed FAQs section gives students the answers to all their basic doubts about studying abroad. several universities offer specialized programs now and you might find some courses with similar names, but may include vastly different curricula and job prospects. So take your time to figure out which program is best suited for you. Students who wish to get better clarity can take a step forward and contact the student counselors directly at the university for any inquiries.

2. Connect With Alumni Or Students For Better Understanding

 What better option than taking advice from the alumni or current students themselves? Seeking advice from their perspective will most likely give you a better understanding and clarity about university life. You can search for student-alumni or student ambassadors on the official college website you choose. They are always happy to respond to your queries and guide you whenever they can. Students can also connect with Indian alumni students to relate better and have a better conversation. For students aspiring to study abroad after 12th, it is beneficial for you to keep a long-lasting relationship with alumni in your career field. He/she is a valuable source of information while entering a new profession. Take every opportunity to connect with alumni.

3. Check For Application Requirements For The Visa, Financial Aid, And Accommodation

Amidst all the CBSE board exam chaos, focusing on education abroad is important. Students who wish to study abroad after 12th can check out the requirements and prepare documents for applications for visas, financial aid, and accommodation, as the process can be time-consuming. You can visit the immigration department of different countries or move through an overseas education consultancy where they help you right from the application process to the visa. Many university offices will also help you in this process.
To enquire more about student accommodation and scholarship opportunities, the university website provides the information regarding that. With covid-19 restrictions taking place in different countries, keep yourself updated on the websites of the immigration departments as well as follow the local news. You can also contact universities to enquire about their latest travel policies. The application procedures require a lot of documents like — school mark sheets and transcripts, academic references, identity documents, and personal statements.

4. Find Out More About The Country You Want To Study Abroad After 12th 

 Students who wish to study abroad while waiting for CBSE class 12 results, can spend their time finding more about their dream university and country. If you plan to study in a new city where you may have to study for 3 or 4 years, it is always good to research and get a better understanding of the local culture and practices beforehand. Most universities’ websites include descriptions of the city they are based in. You can even enquire about the city and country via the student ambassadors of the university. You are even given the option of online and virtual tours now and in this way you can get a glimpse of different cities before deciding which university to apply for.

5. learn a new course or skill.

 Students who are thinking about how to go abroad for studies after 12th  while waiting for class 12 results have more time on their hands now. This is the best time for students to pick up a new skill or language while staying at home. Many universities are offering free online courses on platforms such as Coursera and edX. You can get many certificate courses online. There are also educational institutes offering online courses now, including that for languages. Having relevant skills and knowing a bit of their local language can help you with adjusting to studies in an overseas university and life abroad.

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