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There is still a lot of other things to be done after you’ve gotten your Preferred University college acceptance letters, finalized your decision, shared your college acceptance reaction on social media, and celebrated with friends and family. Although you may feel overwhelmed, taking your time and thoroughly considering your options can help you make the best educational choices possible. After you’ve been accepted to college, here’s a list of things to do.

Visit your campus

It is a great idea to actually go and visit the campus for an in-person tour, whether you were admitted into your one-and-only school of choice or you have numerous options. Even if you’ve already seen the campus, you should plan another tour. If it’s a college like the famous, University of Oxford, visiting its campus will allow you to get a sense of the ambience, culture and speak with the students residing in Oxford admissions counsellors and get any remaining questions answered.

Wait for other colleges

If you’ve applied to many colleges, you can hold off on making any decisions until you continue receiving acceptance letters. However, you may not have as much time to wait and adequately evaluate each option as you would want; most universities demand your response by May 1st. Make a point of reading each acceptance envelope thoroughly for critical deadlines.

Compare your costs

You may begin picking which college to attend once you’ve received responses from all of the universities to which you applied. Re-acquaint yourself with each school that has accepted you, paying particular attention to their costs. You can build a spreadsheet to track and compare the prices of attending each school if you’re having problems comparing the final expenses of your schools.
When evaluating colleges, consider more than just tuition; you’ll also need to consider expenses for your student accommodation,  meal plans and dorm fees. Use this information to conduct an in-depth discussion about your financial status with your family. Your scholarships and other financial considerations may, in the end, make a difference.

Get in touch with the alumni

Don’t be nervous when you’re on campus. Approach a few students and inquire about their impressions of the school. This is especially significant if you’re debating between two or more schools. Obtaining feedback directly from students is an excellent approach to identify red flags that may cause a school to be eliminated from consideration.
Suppose you can’t talk to students in person. In that case, you may discover them online by looking for Facebook groups or individuals who have mentioned the school on Instagram.

Study their culture

After you’ve determined which universities you can afford to attend, take some time to study each school’s culture. If feasible, go to the college campus on your own to get a sense of the culture. Look for activities for prospective students on campus that you can attend. If you are unable to visit the university in person, spend time browsing the Preferred University website.

Make your final decision

So you’ve completed your last campus visits, assessed your family’s financial situation, and reviewed the school’s online scorecard. It’s now up to you to choose!
And once you’ve done that, make sure you go to your Preferred University portal and accept their offer of admission as well as any financial help they’ve provided.

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