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After schooling, your further education is something that you put too much thought into. It is important to research and know what kind of undergraduate or post-graduate programs you wish to pursue to secure your future. With that being said, there are many who wish to pursue it abroad and look forward to knowing more about study abroad programs. Students, who wish to gain a new perspective, get to know about a different culture, or simply know that the quality of education abroad has immense potential tend to take it seriously. We at Skylark Overseas Education will provide counseling to such aspiring students.

Reasons to go abroad:

Let us look at some of the reasons why going abroad has its advantages: 1) When you go abroad, you meet people from different cultures and understand the importance of talking to them and sharing knowledge with each other. 2) You get to travel to a different country and experience the tourist spots and visit some famous places of that country. 3) You make new friends which will help you grow personally and professionally. 4) Going abroad to study will help you find new interests and it will lead to having broader career opportunities. 5) Going abroad will help you become independent and gain survival skills. You become more open-minded and will help you in overcoming your fears. 6) There are chances that you can work while you study when you go abroad. This will help you in your all-around development and know beforehand what kind of career path you wish to take.

Funding your study abroad program:

There are different ways in which you can fund your study abroad programs. We understand that not everyone can afford to study abroad and we wish to assist in breaking some of its myths and help you in this dream without worrying about the costs.

1) Loans:

You can check with your bank for loans for study abroad programs. Talk to the bank manager and find out if there are lower interest loans available for students. Banks usually provide such schemes and make sure to take the advantage of them and to read all loan-related documents carefully.

2) External Funding:

Your local governments or charity organizations that you are a part of will have different schemes for your study abroad programs. Check to see if the government has any schemes that are applicable to you. Charity organizations too, provide funds that can help you in funding your overseas education.

3) Study abroad programs scholarships:

One of the easiest ways to fund your college tuition fee is through scholarships. Scholarships are need-based and are given to those who have an excellent academic background and depend on the college and course that you apply to. Scholarships are also provided to those who have achievements in the non-academic field. If you are awarded for sports or co-curricular activities, then there are high chances of you getting the benefit of a scholarship. Scholarships are either partially funded or fully funded. It is important to check the rules and regulations adhering to them.

Courses to study abroad:

Undergraduate Programs:

A Bachelor’s degree is the basic and the perfect way to get started. This discipline has all the basic courses that match your interests in almost all colleges and is a perfect way to get acquainted in order to then get a master’s or even go into the job market immediately after that. A bachelor's degree is provided in different science fields, in humanities, and even business. Some colleges do have an option of taking an intersection of different subjects which will help you gain a wide perspective and make you sure of what you wish to do in the future.

Post-graduate Programs:

A Master’s degree is the most favourite for many to pursue abroad. Once you gain a basic understanding from your undergraduate degree, it is time to upskill yourself and a post-graduate degree is the best choice for it. Almost all colleges abroad have courses in all fields at the master’s level. A Master’s in Computer Science, Business Administration, Economics, and Psychology are some of the conventional ones. Make sure that you pursue the field that interests you and is sure to research on what are the requirements that one needs to pursue a master’s degree depending on the college and the course.

Ph.D. Programs:

Another favourite study abroad program is the Ph.D. program due to the quality of research and funding opportunities that you get when you decide to do it abroad. Doing a Ph.D. abroad will widen your network and make you gain excellent teaching experience at the same time.  In some countries, you are seen as an employee and are paid a stipend on a monthly basis.


Seeing the advantages, it is imperative that many of you may choose to pursue your studies abroad. It is essential that you research thoroughly and be sure to pursue is something that you are interested in based on your needs. Studying abroad is surely going to charge you for the better.
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