Overseas education advisor - Reasons why you need one to assist your abroad careers?

Why Do You Require an Overseas Education Advisor?

Your career defines your identity. And the process of choosing the right career is often confusing. This is where overseas education advisor plays an important role.

If you choose the wrong path, it definitely consumes a lot of time in your life, let alone when you choose getting an education overseas, which takes up lots of efforts, time and money.

Sometimes when a student chooses a course, may be the right one, they might not know the right way to pursue it. So, this process requires a lot of expertise and experience to make use of the choices in the most beneficial way possible.

Since many students don’t have such an experience, it is always the right choice to visit an overseas education advisor to help you navigate through this decision-making process.

A lot of people as we see dislike what they do, because they made mistakes in choosing the right career in the beginning of their careers. While making a random choice is simple, it is not wise to take a gamble with your career and life.

Getting help from an overseas education advisor who provides you guidance can help you end up with a great placement at the university that you will thrive the most without any burden.

It is very important to choose the right overseas education advisor. Far many students are concerned with the discounts on the services, but such situations only end up in bad service. It is just not about the money. The quality of service, not before the payment, but the response after the payment is done and services are ended really define the overseas education consultancy. The consultancy should be ready to handle the Pre-departure as well as Post-departure support.

Few points that you might need to consider while choosing the right overseas education consultant:


Overseas education advisor - Reasons why you need one to assist your abroad careers?

Experience of best overseas education consultant:

The consultants should have good experience so as to define their credibility and knowledge as well as the expertise. The number of happy students they have dealt with is a really good determining factor. We at Skylark Overseas Education in Vizag, have more than 8000 happy students and have dealt with more than 700 universities with more than 95% success rate at Visa Approvals.

Services Offered:

The right overseas education consultancy would offer the best services to support their students in every aspect of their journey to education abroad. You should look at the assistance they offer when you encounter an issue. Also, it is just not about solving the issue, the quality and the delivery of the solution are also very important.

Skylark Overseas Education has the top-notch services that you can ask for. They will assist you from the beginning of the journey, till you achieve what is required to get you overseas education.

We assist with

  • Career Counselling and Identification of Academic Goals
  • Assistance with Profile building
  • Listen to your concerns and requirements for an Overseas education
  • Research and Advise the Best Options fit for you
  • Assist with the applications and scholarships
  • Advise you on planning the Finances
  • Assist and Guide you on Visa Application
  • Assist you on preparation for the Interviews
  • Support with Academic Enrolment
  • Pre-departure support


The expertise of an overseas education consultancy is about the efficiency of their expert consultants. It is important that the overseas education counsellors should have proficient knowledge on dealing with the student’s mindset, as well the expertise on the universities abroad, the kind of education they offer and with the finances.

At Skylark Overseas Education, we house a lot of expert education counsellors, who have been trained about the courses, the facilities offered at the university, the kind of environment at the university and fresh list of testimonials from the pre-existing students, directly by the University experts. So, we can guide the students to make the right decision at all times.


It is important for the consultancy to have legal affiliations with all the universities they are dealing with. This ensures that the services they offer are authentic. You should check all the legal documents before making any decision and also Payment.

Skylark Overseas Education is a legally verified and authentic consultant with PIER, EAIE, AIEA, TOEFL-iBT, NAFSA, ICEF, and IELTS. So, any services we offer are very authentic and the Quality of the services is marked by the international standards.


The Best Overseas Education Consultancy should be able to offer the right exposure from the Universities to all its students. It is integral for the students to stay in touch with the University directly. So, the Students must ensure that your Overseas Education Consultancy is offering this exposure.

Skylark Overseas Education Consultancy offers the right amount exposure required, with the university delegates, taking advantage of the Overseas education fairs, and setting up interview sessions in our offices.

We stand-by our Core values of Accuracy, Honesty and Accountability in our association with both Students and the Universities. Our encore service quality offered to our students is the reason Skylark Overseas Education is standing at a great height despite the Global Pandemic. Since 2002, we offered our services to more than 8000 students and we will step-up our efforts for the benefit of many more to come.





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