An Overview of the New Features and Format for the 2023 Online SAT Switchover

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The College Board has said that the SAT will become digital in 2023 for students from other countries. The test will only take 2 hours instead of the 3 hours it takes now. This is a good change because it shows that standardized testing is still important and relevant after COVID-19. The number of people taking the online SAT exam will go up greatly in 2023 because it is so easy. With this digital version of the SAT, test-takers will get their scores in days instead of months.

Major Changes in the New SAT Exam 2023-2024

Some of the most important changes to the SAT are:

SAT is Going Digital


SAT digital


The big change in the SAT is now given in a digital format. The online SAT 2023 can be taken on a student’s laptop or tablet or on one that the school gives them. Starting in the spring of 2023, international students can take the SAT online with the help of proctors at their schools or testing centers.

A Shorter New SAT Exam

Instead of taking three hours, the SAT will only take two hours. The new readings will be shorter, and each will only have one question. Fewer words will also be used in the math questions. Because of these changes, students need to be well-informed and form their own opinions instead of just receiving facts.

Faster Delivery of Scores

Instead of waiting weeks or months, candidates can get their SAT score reports in just a few days, which will help them decide on colleges faster.

Use of Calculator for the Entire Math Section

There are sections for math with and without calculators on the current SAT. But in the most recent version of the SAT test, students can use calculators for the whole math section. The digital testing app will have a graphing calculator built in for students who don’t have a calculator. This is done to eliminate the problem for students and schools that don’t have as much money or other resources. Trigonometry and geometry problems on the ACT tests need to get more attention from candidates.

Each Test Will be Unique

Due to the digital format, the College Board can give each student a different test. This will make it harder to cheat and solve other test security problems. The one-of-a-kind test helps students connect to different courses, training programs, and career paths. When it comes to when tests are given, schools, states, and districts will have more freedom. To keep the integrity of the SAT exam preparation test, there are very strict rules about how and when the test is given.

Advantages of Online SAT 2023

Here Are Some Reasons Why It Is Good To Use A Online SAT:

Greater Opportunities 

Hundreds of colleges and universities worldwide accept the SAT, including many in India. SAT scores are still used to decide who gets into top schools and who gets scholarships. Students who take online SAT 2023 may be able to apply for scholarships through the India Scholars program at schools in India that are taking part.

Shorter passages, faster results

The test will now take about two hours instead of three, and each question will give students more time to answer. It will have shorter reading passages on a wider range of subjects. Now, calculators can be used for the whole math section and will be included in the testing app.

Test takers can also see how much time is left, making them feel less stressed. They will also be able to mark questions that may take more time or that they want to return to. No longer will you have to worry about losing points because of stray pencil marks or not filling in the bubbles on an answer sheet.

Adjusting To Evolving Needs

The new format is more like how students must work at universities worldwide if they want to do well there. Due to the pandemic, schools worldwide are trying to find new ways to help digital learning. This online change comes at a very important time.

Setting Up Students for Success

All students who take the SAT will be able to use their laptop or tablet, a device given to them by their school, or a device lent to them by the College Board.

Online has been hard for many students during the pandemic, especially in rural and low-income areas. The digital SAT ensures students do not lose work or time if the internet goes out and must reconnect.

With the online SAT 2023, students will have a better time taking the test and get their scores in days instead of weeks. This gives them options and enough time to decide how to use their scores, as well as the chance to take the test again if they need to.

Greater flexibility and security

The online SAT 2023 will be shorter, safer, and more adaptable, improving things for both the people taking the test and the people giving it. People who do not live in the U.S. now have seven chances to take the test yearly instead of five. This gives students more chances to find and work on areas they need to improve and get the score they want.

The digital preparation for SAT exam will also make tests much safer because each student will see a different test form. This will make it much less likely that tests will be canceled because of security concerns.

Devices Required For Taking the Online SAT

The online SAT exam can be taken on a laptop or tablet. They can use their device or one that the school gives them. If a student does not have a device, they can ask the College Board for one, which will be given to them on the day of the test. 

This is true for students worldwide who take the SAT on weekends and in the United States. In addition, if a student has trouble with their device or internet connection on the day of the test, the College Board has ensured that the exam application can work even if the internet is down. If the internet goes down while students are taking a test, they will still be able to keep going. Their work will be saved, and they will not lose any testing time.

How and When to prepare for the Online SAT?

If you want to take the online SAT exam, you will have much time to get good at reading, writing, language, and math. Start studying right away for the online SAT. Focus on making improvements that can be seen in all areas. Do not be afraid to use the most recent SAT tests to see how well you are doing.

 You do not have to take full-length tests, but you can always take practice tests and try to get a perfect score on the Writing, Language, and Math sections. Before you start reading, you should work on building your comprehension skills and understanding of current global debates and issues. This will automatically improve your vocabulary and speed of reading, making it easier for you to read on the SAT in the future.

How to Prepare for an Online SAT Test?

The SAT has not changed much over the years. It tests your reading, grammar, and math skills to see if you are ready for college.

Here is how to start getting ready for each part of the 2023 Online SAT:


To start, read about a wide range of topics in the humanities and sciences. Right away, you should start reading the editorials. Find out about the political and environmental issues that are happening now. Focus on getting smarter about reading in general. Instead of passively taking in facts, try to form your own opinions.

Writing and Language: 

It is unlikely that grammar and punctuation rules will soon be taken off standardized tests.


Start practicing the math topics on this year’s SAT. Also, pay close attention to the geometry and trigonometry questions on the official ACT tests. Math needs facts and formulas. They help you give better and more accurate answers to questions. So try hard to learn the formulas and facts about the current SAT topics, and make sure you know why and how they work.

What Will These Changes Mean For Getting Into College?

SAT syllabus


Because the SAT’s general content, level of difficulty, and scoring system aren’t changing much, we expect colleges to look at the digital version the same way they look at the current version. Colleges also try not to punish students for things they can’t help, so taking one version of the online SAT 2023 won’t affect your chances of getting into college compared to students who took the other version.

SAT exam syllabus changes will not happen until 2023 for international and 2024 for U.S. students, but it is important to know about them to make plans. Colleges will look at the online SAT similarly, to how they look at the current SAT, even though standardized test scores are becoming less important for getting into many schools in general. So, if you are unsure which SAT to take, choose the one you think will show off your strengths the best.


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