US Education Opportunities in a Post-Covid World

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It can be seen that the world has hit a Pause button due to the Pandemic. We know that today, higher education, both International and Domestic, has been disrupted. While COVID sent the entire world to a halt, the world of the students aiming to go abroad for higher education opportunities is crash. Many parents have lost their jobs and a lot of other people have started working from home, and with the closure of schools, teachers have found innovative methods of doing their jobs.   Forecasts show that the disruption might range from 6 months to a year or two. Everywhere, there might be a 15-20% decline in enrollment depending on the location of the School/University. While it is difficult to find the silver lining in the pandemic, there is one best one for the American Education system. There is an opportunity to leverage digitalization better to ensure the best outcome for the students. Distance learning has become a popular method during these times of uncertainty. The school systems determine the appropriate number of hours and the proportion of the groups. Such considerations have become urgent due to COVID. While the school systems have been scrambling to get student engagement without disruption, the technologies put up now can be used to preserve the education system in the near term and the future times also. As the financial crisis is seen in the pandemic times, the UGC has ordered the schools and universities to refund the fees of the students who withdraw their admission from the First-year undergraduates, the Post Graduate courses for the academic session of 2020-21. This rule will be rolled back once the situation is normalized.

Changes in Higher Education/Educational Opportunities in Us after COVID:

  • The outdated education and business models will be removed
  • On-Campus instruction In-person will not start until the Spring Semester
  • Several colleges and universities will be closed.
  • Large scale Universities might tend to launch Digital Courses for their students
  • Year-round recruitment might be started, which might give the students/applicants greater flexibility in college, university selection, and enrollment.
  • The academic year will be combined with In-person and online learning and this will help in increased graduation rates
  • The process of exams and tests will be changed to a greater extent.
  • New Business Models and Financing models will be created
Most Universities are based on the annual tuition fee and its increment, and some increased government existence, all that is disrupted during COVID 19. The virus has thrown a light on the weaknesses in the current system of Education, especially in colleges and universities with fewer online courses and endowment portfolio. This business model of the education system in the US will be forced to be reconsidered. Also, with several colleges and universities getting closed, it is important to survive with collaboration than die in competition, so we can see a lot of universities and colleges merging. There will also be changes in the vision after the COVID. Choices will be made using the data techniques, and new academic, financing priorities will be unveiled. The health threat and uncertainty of the fall semester under COVID 19 would lead many students to stay at home. The undergrad enrollment has already dropped by 4% as per the data by National Student Cleaning House Research Centre. Colleges that brought back their students benefitted from their decision. The University of Kentucky has seen the biggest ever fall class exceeding its target of 4500 freshmen by about 500-1000 students. Utica, a private institute in New York has only a 2% decline in their enrollments post-COVID. The pandemic has sparked huge innovations in the Education sector abroad, to serve their students remotely. But in-person education is likely to remain standard. The move to online happened really fast and has been endured during the fall. The interference in the education system due to the Corona Virus is a reminder for all the institutions that it's time for Change. There are different universities offering online programs for a lot of students, yet there are universities outlining the offline in-person education system. So, the decision is on the students- to go out there and learn- which many colleges and universities usually prefer or get your education digitally. Either way, you can consult Skylark Overseas Education to evaluate your options regarding educational opportunities in us. Our team is always there to support you in every step of your decision-making, and the financing options. So contact before the admissions are closed up.
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