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While starting a new chapter of university life is exciting, it can also be equally overwhelming. If you are a first-year college student or about to step out of your home to embark on this new journey, you’ll be venturing into the unknown. The best part? Your university years are going to be very thrilling and will give you the memories of a lifetime. Also, the university life can transform you into the person you’ve always dream of becoming if you follow the right approach. If you’re thinking about how to prepare for university first year, then this article will help you navigate through this uncharted ride and make it a smooth sailing experience. We have prepared the ‘SAM’ framework as a first-year university guide. SAM stands for Social, Academic and Mental, which we will discuss in detail. These tips for first year students at university will make your life easy and more enjoyable.


Humans are social animals. When you leave your hometown for university, you’ll also leave your school friends, neighbours, and parents. This can get you homesick, especially in the first year. You must evolve socially, not just to keep the gloom at bay, but also to spice up your life positively. Talk to other people: This is the first advice for first year university students. Although you may feel nervous about making the first move, understand that others are also going through a similar range of emotions. Don’t be hesitant in approaching someone, even if it is small talk, do it. You never know who turns out to be your best friend for life. Avoid locking yourself in the room: If you stay inside, you’re missing out on whatever happens outside. You can burrow yourself in your room after the education too, but once your university days are gone, they’re never going to come back. Make sure you go out, even if you have to force yourself to do it. Get engaged with campus activities: One of the most important tips for first year students at university. Be it sports, cultural, literature, or social, get involved. This will not only evolve your personality but by exposing yourself, you will also be able to make some good friends.


Universities offer education. That’s why you’ll be joining them. While you must have fun along the journey, you’ve got to make sure you don’t suffer academically. This is one of the most important tips for first year university students. If you have not been the brightest student at your school, believe that it is possible. Also, you don’t need to score the highest marks across all the subjects to be considered sharp. With a bit of discipline, you will witness the magic. Plan out: If you want to know how to prepare for first year university academics, start with planning it out. With all the fun and activities happening in the university, it is common to lose track of time. It can lead to forgetting other events. Make notes of the deadlines, exams, and different academic events. Plan your timeline accordingly. You can use a digital planner, calendar, or go with the good old pen and paper method, but make sure you never miss a deadline. Make groups with like-minded people: If you want to work on a project in your stream, or if you are a science student and want to learn art, making a group with people like you will motivate you to not just start the voyage, but will also act as a push when you’re not feeling like showing up. Have a go-to study point: whether it is a library, dining hall, or your favourite dense tree on the campus with a bench, having a dedicated spot for studying will help you get in the zone and achieve flow while you study. But be very cautious of what you choose to do at those spots. If a spot is meant for studying, then avoid distractions at all costs.


The continuous bustle at the campus can keep your brain occupied for too long. Moreover, the constant stress can take a toll on mental health. Meditate: One of the best tips to survive your first year at university is to maintain your sanity. A moment of serenity can be a luxury, especially when there is a constant influx of information around you. Take out some time, even if it is five minutes a day, to practice mindfulness. Prioritize fitness: This could be a top advice for first year college students. You’ll be tempted to eat junk food and forget about health. Dedicate some time from your daily schedule and hit the gym regularly. This will keep you in shape, and release those feel-good hormones. Relax: Just like everything has a capacity, your mind and body have limits. Even though you’ll be young, energetic and extremely ambitious during your university days, you should not push the limits to a point of breakdown. Take proper rest, and relax when it gets too overwhelming.  
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