5 Safety Tips for Women Studying Abroad

Myths and Concerns

Traveling to another country to concentrate alone can be worrisome, especially in young women who are often seen as easy choices by lawbreakers. Studying abroad for women helps them become independent people. But while studying abroad, women must take into consideration all the safety tips and must practice daily the safety tips to ensure their wellbeing. Even though they wish to pursue their dreams, Women still face inequalities in their concerned study abroad destination and are put in a vulnerable position.
In the UK, one in 7 women experiences severe physical or sexual assault during their time as a student. It could occur at any time, be it at a party or while walking home at night. But this should not stop you from living your life as an international student. The best thing you can do is safeguard yourself. Here are some of the safety guides while studying abroad for women.

Best Safety Tips for Women Studying Abroad

1) Keep yourself armed reasonably.

Students, especially women, when they go abroad to pursue their dream education, they are usually unfamiliar with the places so while they are in the process of exploring the new country they must be armed for their own safety’s sake. Private protection kits that include blades, pepper spray, and tactical flashlights can be useful in emergencies, but it is important to learn how to use them properly. For instance, a switchblade is only useful if you know how to use it and where to weaponize the attacker. When it comes to pepper spray or tactical flashlights, they can easily be used to frighten off attackers while you flee.

2) Stay alert when driving

Another important study abroad advice for women especially is that whether you are walking or driving while traveling at night, this is where the additional safety tips must be considered seriously. If you are carrying a bag don’t leave it on the passenger seat. If you are trying for a parking place, choose a crowded or well-lit space, especially where there are more people. When you want to pull up your car avoid pulling up on dark deserted roads. Do not stop to help out strangers on deserted roads especially if it is late at night. Avoid giving any lift to people during the night times as you cannot trust anybody.

3) Share your ride details with your close ones.

One of the important safety tips for women studying abroad is that, while traveling alone involves a lot of risks so try to limit them whenever possible. It is very important to update your family or friends while you are on your journey especially at night, including details of where you are going, how you are going, and also by sharing your live location. In this way, they can track you wherever you’re going. If it is a taxi or a cab you must share your live location. Make sure you use only registered drivers to ensure safety and accountability. Do not hesitate to call someone if you find anything suspicious.

4) Get a safety app

Many apps focus on women’s safety. Apps like WalkSafe and Hollie guard Include multiple and useful features that coordinate measures to keep you safe and sound. One of the safety features included in this work safe app is Homesafe, which also notifies a contact you clearly state if you do not complete your journey within the estimated time. It also includes StopSafe that allows you to notify several of your contacts if you are not sure about your safety situation.

5) Post responsibly

It is always important to consider the information that you are giving out whenever you plan on updating a post. Always check on the current location that you upload under your posts. Try to avoid disclosing all the details of your plans and location that can be easily accessed by others especially if your account is public. It is always safer to upload your posts once you are back home safe.
Another pro tip is that, other than practicing these safety tips for women, it is always best if you prepare yourself by researching more about the areas that you plan on going to study and where you are going to live. When you arrive, become more acquainted with your surroundings so that you are better prepared to recognize when to pay special attention to help and went to contact individuals when you feel untrustworthy and compromised. Always keep your emergency contact numbers with you at all times and activities including the numbers of police and your loved ones.

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